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Last Updated: May 21, 2022
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If you prefer removing your body hair, you probably already know that waxing provides long-lasting results because it removes hair at the root. In fact, next to pricy laser hair removal, it’s one of the best techniques for achieving long-lasting smooth skin. Unfortunately, waxing can still be expensive, especially if you get regular salon wax jobs. Enter at-home waxing kits; effective and both time and money-saving, at-home waxing jobs will ease the strain on your wallet over time and may even result in less painful hair removal. And the key to the perfect at-home waxing experience? A good wax warmer that warms the wax evenly and holds it at the right temperature during your entire grooming session.

But with so many models available on the market, finding the right one for your needs and budget can be, well, hairy. To simplify the selection process for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best hair wax warmers at different prices ranges. Read on!

The Best Hair Wax Warmer

1. NaturalRays Femiro Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit


If you’re looking for a proper waxing kit for easy at-home hair removal, the Femiro hair wax warmer kit is a fantastic option. For a very reasonable price, you get an electric 16.9 oz heater with adjustable temperature from 160℉ to 240℉ that not only heats up quickly, but is also really simple to navigate thanks to its heat knob with which you can control the temperature to your ideal level. In addition to the warmer, you also get 4 bags of natural hard wax beads scented with chamomile, cream, blackberry and rose, plus 20 wooden applicator sticks to help get you started. 

Key Features
  • Electric 16.9 oz heater with aluminum pot
  • Adjustable temperature from 160℉ to 240℉
  • Light indicator
  • 4 bags of scented wax beads + 20 wooden sticks included
Product Specification
  • Brand: NaturalRays
  • Model: WAX290-LA
  • Weight: 2.86 pounds

2. GiGi Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit


The GiGi wax warmer is a versatile little device that accommodates most wax containers and heats all formulas, soft and hard included. It is on the smaller side though – holding 14 oz wax cans, it’s great if you have limited storage space. While the lowest and highest temperatures are not stated, the warmer does have an adjustable control knob that lets you control the temperature from low to medium to high. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the desired temperature and then it keeps wax at an optimal temperature during your entire wax session. If you’re on a tighter budget, this is a great entry route into efficient at-home waxing.

Key Features
  • 14 oz electric warmer with stainless steel container
  • Adjustable temperature: low, medium, high
  • Light indicator
  • See-through removable lid
Product Specification
  • Brand: GiGi
  • Model: 225
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds

3. KoluaWax Waxing Kit Wax Warmer Hair Removal


If you want a sleek, big wax machine for all your waxing needs, the KoluaWax warmer is a great choice. This digital warmer comes with a 17 oz aluminum pot that is suitable for melting all kinds of wax formulas, including 14.5 oz cans.

A clear LED digital display and adjustable temperature knob offer precise temperature reading and adjustment for all kinds of applications: eyebrow, armpit, leg, Brazilian, whatever type of waxing you need, this large machine is sure to heat and hold wax at optimal temperature for hours. As this is a proper waxing kit, the warmer comes with 4 bags of hard wax beads, pre-wax oil and post-wax oil, as well as 10 brow and 10 large applicators.

Key Features
  • 17 oz electric warmer with aluminum pot
  • LED display and adjustable temperature knob
  • Lowest temperature 86℉, maximum 257℉
  • 4 bags of hard wax beads, 2 oils and 20 applicators included
Product Specification
  • Brand: KoluaWax
  • Weight: 3.15 pounds

4. Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Wax Warmer Machine


Tired of shaving your legs every few days? Switch to waxing with Salon Sundry’s Hot Wax Warmer. With a circular heating element and 75 watts of heating power, this unit heats wax quickly and evenly for a stress-free waxing experience. Suitable for all wax formulas, you just plug it in, melt your wax of choice on high, and then switch to medium before applying.

The see-through lid is a nice bonus as it allows for easy monitoring of wax meltdown. The removable wax bucket can hold up to 18 oz of wax, which is plenty for all your waxing needs, including legs, underarms, arms, face, and more. Overall, a fantastic budget-friendly body wax warmer that is sure to make your at-home waxing sessions easier and faster.

Key Features
  • 18 oz electric wax burner with a metal pot
  • Adjustable temperature, medium to high up to 149 F
  • See-through lid allows for easy monitoring
  • Works with all forms of wax
Product Specification
  • Brand: Salon Sundry
  • Weight: 1.43 pounds

5. GiGi Space Saver Hair Removal Wax Warmer


If you’re looking for a compact wax warmer for hair removal that can accommodate smaller wax containers, check out this GiGi unit. Simple to use and with super-compact dimensions, this wax warmer easily fits an 8 or 14 oz can, making it perfect for at-home use even if you have minimal counter space.

While there is no adjustable temperature setting, the little warmer melts all forms of wax to perfection, so it’s suitable both for complete beginners at waxing as well as seasoned users.

Bear in mind though that this model comes without a lid, so you should only use it with containers with lids. While this might be a minus for some, it’s a plus for others as a lidless unit is easier to clean, as well as use as long as you hold onto the lid that comes with your wax can.

Key Features
  • 8 and 14 oz metal pot
  • On/Off indicator light
  • Lidless design
  • Suitable for all wax types
Product Specification
  • Brand: Gigi
  • Model: 892
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces

6. Salon Sundry Professional Double Pot Electric Wax Warmer Machine


With professional-grade double chambers and 150 watts of heating power per basket, this wax burner duo is perfect for everyday use in salons. Both pots work with an adjustable temperature knob that can reach 176 degrees Fahrenheit for easy and precise wax melting control. Made from metal, each basket holds up to 21 fluids of wax, and each is removable for easy cleaning.

According to many reviewers, this machine is perfect for quick but even wax melting, producing tough enough wax to remove even the stubbornest of hairs. Importantly, it’s great for both soft and hard wax and you can also use different size containers too. Large, easy and quick to use, and able to heat all types of wax to perfection, this is a must-buy for professionals.

Key Features
  • Dual professional-grade metal chambers
  • Adjustable thermostat, up to 176 F
  • Accommodates up to 21 oz of wax
  • Works with both soft and hard wax formulas
Product Specification
  • Brand: Salon Sundry
  • Model: Double Pot
  • Weight: 5.59 pounds

Best Hair Wax Warmers Buying Guide

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wax Warmer

While visiting your favorite spa or salon for an occasional wax job can be nice, it can quickly turn expensive and often time-consuming during the hot months when we’re all after that super-smooth skin. But with a good at-home waxing kit, you can achieve the same smooth finish as you would at a salon, but at a fraction of a price and in the comfort of your home. Most hair wax warmer kits are also super-easy and safe to use, so even complete beginners at DIY waxing shouldn’t have any issues.

But with so many warmers available on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. If even after reading our hair wax warmer reviews you’re still unsure which unit to get, perhaps our tips on which features and things to consider can help push you in the right direction.


Most hair wax warmers are designed to melt standard 14 oz wax cans, but some units can heat smaller or larger containers. If you’re looking to regularly wax your bikini line or armpits, for instance, a standard 14 oz unit should be enough. However, if you’re looking to also wax your legs regularly, or perhaps your arms as well, go for larger 18 oz or even 21 oz capacity warmers. If you have a salon, obviously the bigger the unit the better.

Temperature Control

Aside from having to be at the right temperature to melt, wax also needs to be hot enough when you apply it to your skin. This said, you definitely don’t want your wax to be too hot as you can easily burn yourself! To avoid too cold/too hot wax messes, look for wax warmers with adjustable temperature settings. If you’re already experienced with DIY waxing, you’ll probably want units with fully adjustable temperature settings and a digital display (they usually range from 160°F-240°F but can go higher or lower). If you’re a beginner and are looking for the simplest to operate hair wax warmer, we suggest sticking to models with low-medium-high settings as they can be easier to use.


Another thing to consider when shopping for a hair wax warmer is its overall size. This is especially important if you don’t have much free space to spare, but is something to think about anyway as overly bulky models not only take up a lot of counter space but can be tricky to store. If you plan on taking your warmer with you, whether for work or otherwise, weight is another thing to consider. Generally, if you want a portable hair wax warmer, it's best to look for lightweight models.


How long do wax beads take to melt?

How long your wax warmer will take to heat wax beads depends on a couple of factors, including the warmer itself and how fast it’s able to heat the wax, as well as the heat setting you set it on. Usually, though, wax beads take anywhere between 20 to 45 minutes to melt. If you’re used to melting wax on your stovetop or in the microwave, you’ll probably think this is a relatively long time to wait. But you know what they say, anything worth having – or in this case using – is worth the wait. The slow warming process is the most reliable way to melt wax for hair removal as it's more consistent and even and therefore safer (nothing worse than wax with hot spots!). Also, with a wax warmer, there’s no need to stir the wax as the machine will do the job for you.

How to clean my wax warmer?

By keeping your wax warmer nice and clean at all times (or at least at most times), you’ll prevent wax build-up in the pot and therefore that horrible sticky residue. Not sure how to do it properly? Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to clean a wax warmer – the right way.

  • Turn on the heat up to the highest setting on your machine. You want the wax to be of a thinner consistency than usual as its’ easier to clean the container that way.
  • Once the wax melts (this is where the see-through lid comes in handy, but if you don’t have it you can simply leave the lid open and look for bubbles), turn off the warmer. Using a mixing stick or spoon stir the wax thoroughly to see if there are any hard chunks left. If you see any chunks, turn the unit back on until everything has fully melted; if there are none, proceed to the next step.
  • Remove the inner container. If it doesn’t come with a handle, do not touch it with your bare hands; instead; use oven mitts.
  • Pour the wax melt into a disposable pot that you can later (once it cools off) toss in the trash. Don’t pour the wax melt down the drain as it can dry in the pipes and block them.
  • Place your wax warmer container somewhere safe where it can cool for about 2-3 hours.
  • Once cooled, scrape the container with a rubber (never metal!) spatula or scraper. When you scrape off all the remaining wax pieces, collect them and throw them in the trash.
  • Wipe the container with either a wax cleaner specifically made for this purpose, or some regular baby/mineral oil. Simply pour the cleaner/baby oil onto a large paper towel and rub it over the entire surface of the pot.
  • Finally, wipe the container with a disinfectant solution or wipes.

What are the alternatives to using a wax warmer?

If you’re ready to give DIY waxing a chance but don’t want to commit to a hair wax warmer, you can try using your microwave or stovetop to melt the wax. This doesn’t take a lot of time but can be messy and you may end up with a wax with hot spots and burn yourself. If you end up using your microwave, heat the wax for about 20-30 seconds, then take it out and stir the wax thoroughly to prevent hot spots; then microwave for another 20-30 seconds. If you want to use your stovetop, stir the wax every so often until you see bubbles.

Remember though, you cannot melt soft wax cans in a microwave!