Teasing your hair, sometimes called backcombing, is an effective way to add volume to your crown. While teased hair might evoke images of beehive hairdo’s from the 1960s or 80s bombshells like Brook Shields, many hairstylists still use this method today! If you are ready to tease your hair like a pro, effortlessly adding volume and style to your hair, then these helpful tips are bound to help!

When it comes to teasing, you can go as big or small as you want. While some teased styles are all about big hair, others strive to add a bit of extra volume. Here we’ll help you to boost your teasing technique like a pro.

Teasing can truly transform lifeless, flat hair into something fabulous! If you have ever wondered how to tease hair, this guide is for you!

Prep Your Hair and Add some Extra Texture

When it comes to teasing your hair, the first step is to prepare your hair by adding texture. Ideally, it’s best to wash hair a day before teasing as this adds extra texture. However, if you prefer to wash your hair daily, then that’s okay, but avoid conditioner and oily serums in the shower as these can impact the teasing process.

You can add texture to your hair in several other ways; these include:

  • Salt spray: Adding a specialized salt spray to damp hair
  • Dry shampoo or baby powder: Once hair is dry, spray in a little dry shampoo or a sprinkle of baby powder
  • Hairspray: Once you have teased a particular section of hair, spray it with hairspray (a flexible hold product works best!)
woman brushing hair

Focus on Your Crown and Roots

Focusing on your crown and roots is a fantastic way to add volume without teasing your hair too much (we’re thinking of a Beehive in the 60s here!). Focusing on these areas can work well on all hair types and textures, from thin and straight to curly and thick hair.

Use a Boar Bristle Brush or Rattail Comb

A major part of perfecting a teased do is using the perfect products, including, of course, good-quality hair brushes. Opt for a rattail comb or boar bristle brush for a top-quality style. These tools have gentler bristles and are therefore more delicate on the hair, causing less damage. By gently fluffing the hair, they’ll create significant volume without causing damage.

Before teasing your hair, make sure you brush it and get any knots or tangles out.

Now comes the important part, follow these three steps to tease like a real pro!

Go From the Bottom Up

Teasing works best when you start from the bottom. This gives you a considerable volume boost and allows the top layer of hair to stay silky smooth. First up, you need to divide your hair into two sections using the rattail combe (a top and bottom section). The top layer is much thinner than the bottom one and won’t be teased.

Once divided, clip the top section away and start teasing!

Work Section by Section

There are many types of teased hairstyles, and the style will determine which parts of your hair you tease. While some full-volume styles tease all sections of hair, others tease only the back section.

Teasing hair needs to be done in sections, each of which is about half an inch wide. Take the area you want to tease and pull it taut, away from your head. Using your rattail comb, gently backcomb the half-inch section and start from around 3 to 4 inches from your crown. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times until the hair is scrunched up and closer to your scalp.

Once you have finished a section, be sure to spritz that hairspray to ensure that the tease stays. Move onto your next section after this, and a voluminous hairstyle will soon emerge.

Finish Strong

Once you have teased the bottom sections, it is time to finish your look by styling the top layer of hair. Gently comb this layer of hair over the teased sections into a personalized style of your choice.

When it comes to the rest of your hair, you can play around and have some fun. Using a good-quality curling iron, curl your hair in the parts where it isn’t teased, pull it back into a slick and stylish high pony, or rock a statement headband or clip. If you’re dressing up for a glam party or themed event, incorporate a hairpiece that fits the theme.

If you need some visual cues, an online tutorial might be your best bet. They will show you exactly what to do if you have ever wondered how to tease hair.

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Top Expert Tips for Perfectly Teased Tassels

Some final tips for perfecting the tease!

  1. Never tease damp hair; it won’t work and could seriously damage your locks.
  2. Don’t use an up and down motion while you are teasing the sections, instead tease from the bottom upwards each time, moving your hair gently towards your scalp.
  3. Use smaller, even sections rather than thick chunks of hair.