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Last Updated: May 21, 2022
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Whether you’re a makeup minimalist and use only a concealer and brow gel most days, or a maximalist who enjoys an arsenal of beauty products every day, you need a good makeup bag to keep your products and accessories well-organized. A smaller canvas pouch is ideal for carrying it with you, a waterproof bag is great if you keep your makeup in the bathroom, while a large storage case is a must-have for makeup artists as well as enthusiasts with serious makeup collections.

Whether you’re looking for a small cosmetics bag for everyday essentials to stick inside your purse, or a large makeup case to fit all your beauty products, including perfumes, nail polishes and hair brushes, here are some of the best makeup bags currently on the market.

The Best Makeup Bag

1. Loomiloo Cosmetic Bag for Women


    Made from soft polyester material

    Padded and with waterproof surface

    Available in an array of colors and styles

    Dimensions: 8.65 x 5.35 x 7.08 inches

Looking for a budget-friendly travel makeup organizer for your small-ish collection? Look no further than this Loomiloo’s stylish makeup pouch. Made from ultra-soft, silky polyester material with waterproofing capabilities, this stylish makeup bag will keep your essentials and accessories safely and neatly organized. And since it’s waterproof, it makes for a great bathroom cosmetics organizer.

Best of all, it’s available in dozens of vivid, adorable prints and colors, so you’re guaranteed to find a bag that best complements your style.

2. MONSTINA Makeup Train Cases Travel Makeup Bag


    Made from quality oxford cloth

    Waterproof brush cover

    Separable compartments with adjustable dividers

    Available in various colors and sizes

    Dimensions: 10.55 x 9.45 x 3.94 inches

For traveling and storing larger makeup collections, check out this Monstina sturdy makeup case. Constructed from quality oxford cloth, with durable zippers and a waterproof brush cover, this is a lightweight yet extremely durable case organizer that will keep all your makeup essentials – and nonessentials – neatly organized.

It has various sections and segments, including a brush cover for all your makeup brushes, but if you need more or less space for certain products or tools, you can easily create it with adjustable dividers. A convenient soft handle makes this cosmetic case fantastic for travel, but since it has that timeless look, it will look great on your vanity as well.

3. SMRITI Canvas Large Cosmetic Bag Travel Makeup Organizer


    Made from durable cotton canvas

    Unlined interior with extra pocket

    Heavy-duty leather zipper

    Available in various colors

    Dimensions: 11.42 x 3.74 x 7.09 inches

We love everything about this SMRITI canvas bag: it’s large, durable and timelessly stylish, so perfect for both at-home cosmetics and skincare organization, as well as for travel; it even works as a clutch bag!

Made from durable cotton canvas with an unlined interior that has a main compartment plus an extra pocket, this versatile bag will tidily hold all your essentials, makeup and skincare included. We also appreciate the heavy-duty leather zipper that glides easily. Best of all? This durable canvas bag is a fraction of the cost of standard quality canvas bags.

4. Narwey Large Makeup Bag


    Water resistant

    Available in small and large

    Double zippers

    Available in various colours

    5 small inside pockets

    Thick fabric

    Dimensions: 84 x 7.28 x 3.74 inches

The Narwey makeup pouch is big enough to fit your makeup inside, but small enough to tuck it neatly inside your handbag. Available in two sizes, it also comes in an array of different colours. For us, it’s the 5 compartments that make this handy little pouch a must-have. There’s a pocket for every possible size of item – one small enough for your lipstick, one big enough for a makeup brush and a few others for anything in-between. What’s more, this bag has double zippers so it’s perfect for a quick rummage and grab when you need your lippy in a hurry.

5. Gonex Small Makeup Bag for Purse


    Water resistant

    Available in 2 sizes

    Available in various colours

    Multiple storage compartments

    Soft PU Leather

    Dimensions:‎ 8.8 x 5.7 x 3 inches

This is a great little bag if you like to carry a range of different items around. The stretchy inside pockets will fit everything you need, without you having to check whether you have a compartment big or small enough. The soft PU leather and luxurious inside lining make this bag special enough for a weekend away or just a glamourous night out. You won’t be embarrassed to take this beauty out in the toilets of a fancy restaurant, that’s for sure! Put your makeup in it, your headphones, your feminine products – even your snacks. This bag has the space, it really is a great multi-use bag. 

6. Relavel Marble Makeup Bag


    Water resistant

    Multiple storage compartments

    Soft PU Leather


    Removable baffle

    Dimensions:‎ 43 x 9.8 x 3.94 inches

Whether you are a professional MUA or you’re simply passionate when it comes to makeup, the Relavel Marble Makeup Bag is for you. In fact, if your makeup doesn’t fit into this huge, multi compartment makeup case, you may just have too much! This case has everything you could ever need when it comes to storage. You can use the compartments to slot your bottles, compacts, brushes and more – but if you simply want to throw it all in, just remove the baffle from the centre of the bag. Flying overseas? off to work? Big night out? The Relavel is the perfect choice for those who really love makeup and want more than just the average travel makeup organizer.

7. Lay-n-Go Drawstring Makeup Bag


    Makeup loops

    Containment lip

    Opens out flat

    Machine washable

    Quick tidy up

    Dimensions:‎ 6 x 1 x 8 inches inches

This game changer of a makeup bag is an example of great design being put to use for something so simple…but oh so useful! It’s a toiletry bag for women that ticks so many boxes, even ones we didn’t know we needed. The Lay-n-Go drawstring bag opens flat, so you never have to rummage around for that lipliner or put your brushes on wet bathroom surfaces. Simply find a surface and pull open your bag to access your products and makeup tools on a clean flat base! We love it – it’s useful, machine washable and big enough for all products, becoming compact at a pull of a drawstring. Ah! Innovation at its best in our books.

Best Makeup Bags Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Makeup Bag

Well, how long is a piece of string? The perfect makeup bag for you is out there, you just need to decide what it is you REALLY need. If you love makeup and wear it everyday, you will probably need to reapply it during the day too. If this is the case, there is no point going for something you can’t fit in your bag or at the other end of the spectrum - a bag that is too small to hold your brushes and compacts.

There are other things to consider too. Are you going to be taking the bag to the gym? Will you take it out at work? Will you be travelling with it? If so, you will need to consider not just the look but the fabric and durability of the bag too. For gym bunnies, go for something waterproof so you can throw your wet towel in with your makeup bag without issue. If you are travelling a lot, opt for a bag with a tougher case so you don’t end up crushing or damaging your makeup and if you take your makeup bag out at work, go for something with the right look – maybe opt for a sleek design over hearts and lips!

Here are a few other suggestions if you are in the market for a new makeup bag, but not sure what to look for:

  1. If you like to keep your makeup neatly stored, opt for a makeup bag with inside compartments.
  2. If you have a messy handbag and intend to travel with your makeup bag, get one you can wipe down or at least one that is machine washable.
  3. If you use your makeup bag more than once a day, get one with a durable zip and tougher material.
  4. If you use lots of foundation, opt for a darker coloured makeup bag that will not show stains. Cream or white coloured makeup bags and foundation covered fingers do NOT make a good combination!
  5. If you are a makeup magpie, buy more than one makeup bag (you can often buy the same design in two sizes). You can hoard some of your new makeup at home and take only what you need for the day.


How do I organize my makeup bags?

There are two types of makeup bags in our books. There is the makeup bag you take with you every day and the other one, where you store your extra special going out makeup (then there is your home makeup storage, but that’s for another article!). If you want to organize your day to day makeup bag, just try to be more selective and honest about what you might need for the day. There is no point bringing your Ruby Woo on a trip to Asda! Your day to day makeup bag should only have the essentials for retouching and not much else. Your extra special makeup bag on the other hand, this will probably be a bigger size as it will hold your selection of lipsicks, glitter shadows, bronzer and highlighters (and more if you’re anything like us!). Opt for a fancy makeup bag with a cool print or fabric and multiple compartments. Getting ready for a big night out should include all of the glamour you can possibly create, so go crazy! Also, if you like to buy lots of different brands and are hot on new launches get a bag that will be easy to access, there is nothing worse than having to rummage through a sack full of products when you are getting ready to hit the town.

What should I carry in my makeup bag?

Only you know what you really need for your makeup bag, but there are a few items that people often forget or don’t think of. Here is a quick-fire list that you might find useful:

  1. Wet wipes – no more foundation fingers, grab some of these for makup application on the go.
  2. Oil blotting pads – you know that shine you get mid-way through the day that is less of a sexy glisten and more of an oil spill? Oil blotting pads will sort that right out.
  3. Tweezers – There will always be that one hair you missed and only notice in the mirror of the work toilets.
  4. Handcream – You have a full face on, your hairs is layed to the gods and your nails are done. Don’t let dry hands and knuckles let you down.
  5. Lipbalm – lipstick goes on much better when your lips are moisturised and smooth. Also, if you don’t feel like reapplying the lipstick you ate during lunch, apply a smear of lip balm instead.
  6. Eyedrops – if you wear contacts or suffer from dry eyes, save your eyeliner from being rubbed off by applying a few drops of your favourite brand.
  7. A travel brush – You can buy brushes that are small enough to fit in your makeup bag. A brush can seriously save a style, especially if you are going from day to night without a trip home first.