When it comes to your beauty routine, it’s easy to forget about your feet, only to realize when summer sandal season arrives, that they are not looking their best. But you still have time to give your hardworking feet some TLC and get them back to being happy.

So, now’s the time to put your best, or should we say nice foot forward with our seven easy tips on how to make your feet look better.

Buff Your Way to Super-Soft Skin

Hard skin and cracked heels are not a good look, but they are also one of the first signs that your feet need a little extra love and attention.  And after a long winter, encased in socks, tights, and boots, it’s no wonder your feet are feeling a bit tough and dry. However, when it comes to the best foot care, hard, cracked skin can be easily treated at home and, with a little ongoing maintenance, you can keep that rough skin look at bay.

Your first step in tackling unsightly hard skin is a relaxing soak which will help to soften and cleanse dry skin. If you don’t have a foot spa, then a bowl half-filled with warm water and some Epsom salts works well. Enjoy a relaxing foot soak for 5-15 minutes then thoroughly dry before using a foot pumice stone or foot file to gently buff hard or dry skin away.

Female feet in spa salon

Exfoliate Regularly

To help keep the skin on your feet looking lovely and smooth, try adding in a weekly exfoliation session as part of your bathing and foot care routine. Using an exfoliating foot scrub will also help to prevent dry, flaky skin from returning and leave you with happy, healthy, and glowing feet. You can also make your own foot scrub from sea salt and oil, such as olive or coconut, which will leave your feet smelling beach fresh too!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

While we pamper our faces and bodies with slathers of moisturizer, it can be easy to overlook your feet when it comes to extra hydration. But your feet can quickly show the effects of dry skin if not moisturized regularly. This means you shouldn’t just save a moisturizer for after you exfoliate or soak your feet, but use it every day, especially if your feet are prone to cracked heels or dry skin. As well as foot creams that are developed for the thicker skin on your feet, you can also use natural oils such as coconut or shea butter which will sink in beautifully to leave your feet feeling soft and nourished. Out of all the things you can do, moisturizing is one of the best solutions when it comes to how to take care of your feet.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Another top tip for nice feet is to keep them dry as this will help to prevent the fungus that’s behind the condition athlete’s foot taking hold. Limiting moisture will also reduce foot odor, meaning your feet will always smell sweet. This means always thoroughly drying your feet after showering, bathing, or swimming, paying careful attention to the skin between your toes where fungus loves to live. Always wear socks inside your sneakers and use a little baby powder if your feet tend to sweat.

Cut Your Toenails the Correct Way

A good toenail trimming technique is essential if you want beautiful toes! Badly trimmed toes can eventually lead to ingrowing nails, which not only look unsightly but can be painful. To ensure your toenails are trimmed well, use toenail scissors or clippers, and cut straight across – think square not curved – and never try to shape the outside edges. Also avoid cutting too close to the skin. Finish off the trim with a nail file to smooth away any rough edges – you should now have neat nails that are ready to paint!

Indulge in a Foot Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Well, your feet sure do! Especially if you are on your feet for long periods of time, fatigue, swelling and pain can set in, leaving your feet looking puffy and unhappy. If this sounds like you, kick off those heels and take the weight off your feet by giving them the ultimate in footcare.

All you need is a tennis ball placed on the floor, then gently rub the bottom of each foot over it, rolling the ball from heel to toe. Take a little extra time to rub away any knots or tension in tight or tender areas, without applying too much pressure. Finally stretch out your feet and give each a soothing hand massage, before rubbing in some cooling moisturizer. You’ll feel light on your feet again, in no time.

Cropped view of woman relaxing and having feet massage

Go Bold With Color

So, you’ve put in all the effort to transform your feet, what better as a finishing touch before you hit the beach than a color pop of nail polish! When it comes to how to make your toes look pretty, a slick of vibrant polish is the ultimate to turn humdrum feet into real head-turners.  Vibrant coral, tangerine and even turquoise polish all look stunning and will help to lift your summer look as you put your best fashion foot forward for all to see.

But before you get your color on, here’s a few final tips to keep your toenails healthy:

  • Always use a base coat as dark or highly pigmented polish can cause your toenails to get a yellow-tinged discoloration
  • Let your toenails go natural now and again – giving your nails a break from polish will help to prevent any staining
  • Use an acetone-free nail polish remover, as this will be less drying and always apply moisturizer to the nails and nailbeds after removing the varnish.

So, there you have it, our quick and easy guide to how to care for feet. Just a few minutes a day, and before you know it you will be stepping out proud with your lush, lovely, and happy feet!