You need to wash your face properly. What’s more, you need to wash your face properly everyday – and the chances are you’re not.

It may sound condescending, but it’s a bit like when we are told to close the lid before flushing the toilet or to cover our toothbrushes rather than leaving them out overnight – we know it, but how often do we actually do it?

Let me break it down for you:

Researchers have found that an uncovered toothbrush can contain over 100 million bacteria, including E. coli. Yet, most of us leave ours out in the bathroom.

A toilet flush will produce thousands of bacteria and virus containing droplets that can land on surfaces of up to six feet away. Yet most of us leave the lid up.

Our faces are like dirt magnets – grease, dirt and oil will stick to them due to the large number of sebaceous glands. We also touch our faces up to 20 times AN HOUR on average. But how many of us know or even bother to maintain good face hygiene?

The point is, it’s worth doing some things properly, skin washing and more specifically, face washing is one of those things. Here’s how to wash your face properly.

Woman going to wash face

Remove All Your Makeup

Sleeping in your make-up gives your pores a really hard time. In fact, the longer you wear make-up, the more chance there is of it penetrating the skin and causing blemishes and acne – we suggest removing it as soon as you get through the door. The problem is, not only will there be make-up on your face but a layer of dirt on top of that too. A thorough clean is a must for make-up wearers. Things to remember:

  1. Let your eye make-up remover soak in before wiping it away to avoid losing lashes
  2. Facial wipes are harsh on the face as well as on the environment, use soap and water when possible.
  3. Use a toner to get the last vestiges of make-up, dirt and cleanser off
  4. Turn make-up removal into a daily ritual, like discarding the stresses of the day and your make-up at the same time. Go slowly, include gentle facial massage – you can even throw in some music and candles! Just don’t rush it.

Spend at least 60 Seconds to Cleanse Your Face

If you are just not into long skincare routines or you are simply tired after a long day, setting a timer for 60 mins will help you to avoid skipping steps. A quick splash of water is not going to be sufficient – sorry! If you aren’t hitting at least 60 seconds, the chances are you not getting a good enough clean. Start your routine earlier or avoid doing it when you are too tired.

Use the Right Water Temperature to Wash Your Face

It is always best to wash your face and neck in lukewarm water. Too hot and you may end up stripping your natural oils away and causing dryness, too cold and you may end up leaving oil and grease on your skin. Lukewarm water will not only feel good, it is the very best option for getting your face clean too.

Don’t Neglect Your Neck

Ok, your head and neck are clearly connected, so why is it so hard to remember both of them in your cleansing routine? You wouldn’t only put make-up on your face, do the same when cleansing and moisturising.

Apply Your Moisturizer Quickly

Your face moisturizer should be chosen based on your skin type, but there are other things to consider too. Knowing when to apply your moisturizer can also make a difference to how effective it is. Applying your moisturizer quickly after washing will do a number of things – it will help to seal in the moisture from your damp skin, help you to distribute the moisturizer more easily over your face and neck (the water creates more slippage) and it will make your moisturizer last longer as you will need less product to cover your face and neck.

Double Cleanse

It’s not for everyone, but double cleansing is the new skincare trend and it can be a fantastic option for those who have problem skin due to build up. We recommend using two different types of cleanser for best results – an oil based one to remove deep down dirt and then a water based one to remove those last layers of sweat and oil. Double cleansing face and neck areas can be a real game changer, just try not to strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Use products sparingly and follow up with a good moisturizer.

woman cleaning face front of mirror

Don’t Over Wash!

Yes, we have spent this entire article telling you why and how you should wash your face thoroughly! However, over washing face and neck areas can be tough on delicate skin. So, if you have very dry skin, sensitive areas or skin damage please go carefully. Also, remember that after you wash, your skin should not be left feeling tight or sore. You are washing off dirt and sweat but not your natural oils, these are needed to keep the skin supple and to avoid premature aging.

As you can see, learning how to cleanse face and neck areas the right way is easy, maintaining these routines can be a little harder. Ask yourself this, what’s the point in learning how to clean face and neck skin – which is often more prone to blemishes – if you are not going to be consistent with it? All it takes is a few days of sleeping in your make-up, avoiding your routine or using the wrong products to undo months of proper washing and skincare.

If you want clean and blemish free skin, regularly washing your face PROPERLY is key. Your skin will thank you for it.