Depending on your face shape and individual style, a change of parting is an easy way to change your look without the need for a trip to the salon or taking even more drastic measures such as cutting yourself some new bangs.

So, before you book yourself an appointment or reach for the kitchen scissors, take a look at this guide to different partings and learn how to part hair and how each one can either soften or accentuate your features or even introduce you to your new favorite style.

How to Do a Middle Part

When you’re learning how to change your hair part, middle part hair tends to be the first choice due to the simplicity of the part and balance it offers to your style.

A favorite of those with oval faces (a longer face where the cheekbones are wider than the jaw) a middle part can give the face a “sweetheart” appearance, framing it in such a way that brings attention to the cheekbones.

To achieve a middle part, the easiest method is to get your hair slightly damp and brush it backward. Then, place a finger on the bridge of your nose and move it upwards to find the dead center of the front of your forehead.

Once you’ve found the center of your forehead, use a fine-toothed comb to follow the route from the very front of your hairline to the back of your head and gently push the hair over to each side. You can then straighten out the parting and brush over any stray hairs with your comb.

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How to Do a Side Parting

The side parting is a classic style that will have a natural lengthening and slimming effect that looks great on fuller faces.

Unlike middle partings, you can exercise a little creativity and vary the position of a side part to suit your face and personal style.

To create a side part, first, find the position of the arch of your eyebrow or the outer corner of your eye. Follow this upwards towards your hairline with a comb, then follow that same direction toward the crown of your head. You can then either neaten up your newly parted hair or decide to move it toward or further away from the center of your head, depending on your desired look.

How to Do the Extreme Side Part

A firm favorite of both glamorous celebrities and early noughties emo kids, the extreme side part is the best way to part your hair if you’re looking for that final flourish to a definitive look.

Suited for any face, the extreme side part creates masses of volume which pairs perfectly with stunning red carpet gowns or your best studded belt.

For the extreme side part, you should place your finger just at the edge of your ear and follow the path straight up through your hair to your crown. Ideally, you should have at least two thirds of your hair on one side. Use a hairbrush to help push the hair over your head evenly, and finish with a hair straightener to really ace that extreme look and get rid of any flyaways.

How to Find the Natural Part

If you have had enough of running combs through your hair and would like to find your natural part, you can do so in a few easy steps.

First, your hair should be wet or towel-dried as this ensures your hair is heavier and will act more naturally when you move it.

Next,  you should brush or comb all the hair in one direction towards the back of your head to create a combover look.

From here, you can simply let your hair dry naturally and your natural parting will reveal itself. Or, if you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can use a hairbrush to push your hair forward towards your face and your hair will fall into its natural position.

Once you’ve found whether your hair parts in the middle or off to the side, you can dry it with a hairdryer or use a hair straightener to accentuate your own gorgeous, natural look. Or, you can use the natural hair parting to learn how to change your hair part from a more natural starting point.

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What is the Best Part for my Hair Texture?

Now you know how to part hair with perfection, it’s time to figure out the best way to part your hair based on your looks.

Although you might find lots of advice out there on the best way to part your hair, it essentially comes down to which hair parting works best for your hair.

For curly hair, either a natural or extreme side part is ideal as – depending on how curly your hair is – a natural part is easier to control, whereas an extreme parting will emphasize that volume straight-haired girls can only achieve with lots of dry shampoo and patience.

If you are lucky enough to have thick hair, you might want to go for a side or middle hair part. These options are great for thick, heavy locks. With a middle part, hair will be nicely balanced and require less maintenance as you go about your day. A side hair parting works on thick hair the same way an extreme side part works for curly hair; it will accentuate volume and help you achieve a show-stopping appearance.

If your hair is thinner, you’ll have to create volume yourself while styling your hair. A side or extreme side hair parting is best for this as the layers of hair will help create the illusion of volume far better than a middle hair parting. Add some dry shampoo to your roots to further boost the voluminous effect of a side parting on thin or flat hair.