Luscious, thick locks can be the envy of many but those lucky enough to have thicker hair also know it can be tricky when it comes to achieving a manageable style. And all that bounce, texture and volume can also mean that having a perfect hair day takes some skill and patience to achieve.

So, if you have thick locks that tend to be unruly or curly, frizzy hair that’s reluctant to cooperate, don’t despair. We have all you need to know about how to tame thick hair in our dos and don’ts for styling guide.

DO Use the Right Products

When it comes to how to manage thick hair, you don’t need to do it alone – the right products will become your best hair styling friends! And top of the list should be an effective heat protector and nourishing as well as smoothing hair serum.

Too much hot heat from your hairdryer or flat irons can easily parch thick hair and encourage more frizz or create a rougher texture. So, spraying on some heat protector every time you go to style your freshly washed hair will help to keep your thicker tresses happy and healthy.

Another essential product for thick hair is a hair serum which not only finishes your style with a healthy gloss but also works as a protective coating against the frizz-inducing elements.

Girl with long curly hair

DON’T Shy Away From Layers

With thick hair, it is easy to find yourself in a single length blunt hairstyle rut in the belief that one length hair is easier to manage. And you may also worry that if you go off piste with your usual hair style, your thick hair may react unpredictably and become even harder to manage.

But by adding layers, not only can you update your look, but you will also improve the manageability of thick and even curly hair. A long-layered haircut will not only take out some of the weight in your thick hair but will also add some much-needed movement, definition and texture to what was once a thick wall of hair.

DO Prioritize Moisture

Thick, frizzy locks are prone to wildness, especially if the hair is dehydrated and under-nourished. And using the wrong products when washing and conditioning your hair can make it dryer and more brittle, leading to an even frizzier and unruly look.

When hair is too dry, the cuticles along the shaft open to get more moisture, which is why your hair puts on the frizz in the summer or damp conditions, when air humidity levels are at their highest.  And as we all know, frizzy hair is a real challenge to style.

To get the best out of your blow dry, look for deeply moisturizing and hydrating cleansing and conditioning products, with shea butter, coconut, argan oil and Panthenol (Vitamin B5) all excellent ingredients to look out for.  And for extra dry thick hair, a weekly moisturizing hair mask is a must.

DO be Gentle With Wet Hair

Rough handling your thick hair when it is wet can cause it to weaken, and even break as wet hair is much more fragile and prone to damage than dry hair. So, this means taking extra care when you have just washed your hair or stepped out of the shower.

To get rid of excess moisture before you style your hair, always use a towel to gently squeeze sections of your hair to press out and absorb water, rather than rough scrubbing. Then apply a moisturizing styling serum and wrap a towel around your damp hair to give the product time to absorb and help prevent frizz.

And when it comes to de-tangling, never use a hair brush on wet hair but opt for a wide-toothed comb to carefully comb out the ends, before gently working your way up to the roots.

DON’T Dry Your Hair When it is too Wet

You really want to minimize the amount of heat you are putting on your thick hair to prevent damage, so the ideal is to let your hair air dry a little first, to ensure it is not too wet. Heat drying overly wet hair is also going to take much longer to style.

Depending on how thick your hair is, aim to have your hair around 70% dry before you apply your protection products and start heat styling. Not only is this kinder on your hair but it will make it easier for the brush to go through your hair without stretching it, and ensure you get the finish you are looking for.

DO go for Length

When you have thick, curly, or frizzy hair, it may be tempting to cut it shorter, so there’s less to manage. But one of the best thick hair solutions is to leave the length as longer hair as it actually helps you to style it more easily. Shorter hair can give your thick hair more scope to misbehave by springing up and out, which means more time with the hairdryer or styler to tame it back into shape.

Hair that goes beyond your shoulders will also elongate your style and can weigh unruly hair down without adding any extra width. Plus, it gives you the added advantage of having enough length to put your hair in an updo when you feel like a hair style change.

Girl in a hair salon

DON’T be Afraid of the Braid!

And finally, you may often wonder what to do with thick hair, other than simply tie it up and away. But thick hair is a gift when it comes to up-dos and braids should be your go-to do at home style.

Perfect for a casual look, or to make a statement by adding interest that showcases your thick hair’s texture and shine, braids can be used to simply take thick hair away from your face or to create a stunning and messily elaborate up-do.

And, with a little practice, braids are quick to achieve and are the perfect way to bring even the unruliest thick hair back beautifully back under control.