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Last Updated: May 21, 2022
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We all hope for a mood-boosting good hair day but achieving that salon-fresh look can be a bit hit and miss, especially if your blow dryer is below par. So, if your locks are more ‘oh dear’ than va-va-voom, then it might be time to upgrade your hair drying kit.

Investing in a good hairdryer will not only give you the look you want in less time, but can also help to tackle frizz, prevent heat damage and give your hair a luscious glossy finish. We take a look at some of the best hair dryer sets currently available, to suit all budgets, hair types and styling needs, both at home and on your travels.

The Best Blow Dryers

1. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer


Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair – If maintaining hair health is your priority, then Remington’s Damage Protection could be your hair dryer go-to. This lightweight dryer uses micro conditioners as well as advanced coating to give your hair extra protection against heat. It also features a combined ceramic, ionic and tourmaline grill to speed up drying time and reduce frizz.

But it doesn’t skimp on power as it features 1875W on maximum, which can then be dialed down thanks to its three heat and two speed settings. It also features an easy-to-use cool shot to help set your blow dry in place. This well-priced ionic hair dryer also comes with a basic diffuser and concentrator nozzle as well as a hanging loop for convenient storage.

Key Features
  • Advanced coating technology
  • Ionic, ceramic and tourmaline grill
  • Protects hair and reduces frizz
  • Three heat and two speed settings
Product Specification
  • Brand: Remington
  • Model: D3190D
  • Weight: 2 pounds

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer


Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair – This premium hair dryer from BaByliss boasts a 2000W motor to give you a drying experience that’s on par with a professional hair dryer. And what we do like about the Nano Titanium is that despite its heavyweight credentials when it comes to performance, it is surprisingly lightweight and easy to use.

As an ionic technology hair dryer, the Nano offers fast drying, and can help to reduce that dreaded frizz. And, with six heat and speed settings, as well as a cool shot button, you can tailor its drying to suit your hair type or preferred style. We think the Nano Titanium is a good buy if you have thick or unruly hair as it can reduce your drying time and help bring a sleek shine that lasts.

Key Features
  • 2000W motor
  • Six heat/speed setting
  • Cool shot to set your style
  • Ideal for thick or coarse hair
Product Specification
  • Brand: BaByliss
  • Model: BNT5548
  • Weight: 1.92 pounds

3. REVLON 1875W Folding Handle Hair Dryer


Best Travel Hair Dryer – This curvy-shaped compact hair dryer is ideal for the gym bag or for keeping in your travel luggage come vacation time. And as it has a fold-away handle, this lightweight dryer takes up little space. Sometimes travel hair dryers mean you need to compromise on power but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Revlon. You get three heat and two speed settings as well as a worldwide dual voltage switch so you can always get the right power.

When it comes to fast drying while protecting your hair, this mini hair dryer has the tools for the job, including ionic technology as well as ceramic coating to help protect while reducing frizz. And for the perfect finish, you also get a cool shot, so you are vacation-ready at any time.

Key Features
  • Lightweight ionic travel dryer
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Folding handle and dual voltage
  • Ceramic coating to reduce frizz
Product Specification
  • Brand: Revlon
  • Model: RVDR5005

4. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer


With the looks of high performing hair salon dryers but with the added bonus of weighing less than a pound, the Rusk W8less is a powerful portable hair dryer, perfect for both at-home use and travel.

This 2000W dryer has the oomph you need to dry your hair fast, while working to protect your hair from heat damage. It uses far-infrared heat to deeply penetrate the hair shaft, cutting drying time while helping to eliminate frizz. You also get ceramic and tourmaline for a more hair-friendly drying experience. A smart looking and performing hair dryer, the W8less could be your solution if you have unruly, thick or long hair that can be a chore to dry. And the lightweight design means you can maneuver it easily to create most styles. It does have a more expensive price-tag but when compared to professional hair dryers, we think the W8less is a pretty good buy.

Key Features
  • 2000W motor
  • Lightweight – weighs less than 1 pound
  • Far-infrared heat to penetrate hair
  • Fast drying while protecting/reduces frizz
Product Specification
  • Brand: RUSK
  • Model: IREW8LSBD
  • Weight: 1 pound

5. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Hair Dryer


An effective, salon-style ionic hair dryer, the Infinitipro can cut drying time by 50% without dehydrating your hair. The 1875W motor can also be dialed up or down, thanks to the three heat and two speed settings and it offers an ionic flow to tackle unwanted frizz. The result is a slick and fast blow dry, which also enhances shine and hair condition.

It is a sizable hand hair dryer which does feel a little weighty, but it sits well balanced in the hand so shouldn’t cause any arm fatigue. And with the addition of a diffuser as well as a concentrator nozzle, it is a versatile hair dryer which gives a good level of styling precision. The inner filter is removable too, for easy cleaning and there’s the all-important hanging loop for convenient storage.

Key Features
  • 1875W ionic hair dryer
  • 50% reduction in drying time
  • Three heat and two speed settings
  • Includes diffuser and concentrator nozzle
Product Specification
  • Brand: Conaire
  • Model: 259NPRY
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

6. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer


If you prefer a sleek, smooth look with plenty of shine, then check out Panasonic’s Nanoe hair dryer. It uses ‘nanoe technology’ that pulls moisture out of the air to create moisture-rich ions which hydrates the hair and reduces heat damage. Not only do you get 1875W of power to dry hair in super-quick time, but there’s also three attachments for styling versatility. As well as a concentrator nozzle and diffuser, you also get a quick dry nozzle which creates a dual airflow to reduce your drying time.

What also sets the Nanoe apart is the 360° rotating power cord so you can style at all angles with ease. Add in cool shot, as well as adjustable heat and speed settings and while it is at the top end of our best hair dryers review budget, with the Nanoe you can get almost salon quality blow dries in the convenience of your own home.

Key Features
  • Quiet operation, 1875W motor
  • Nanoe technology to protect hair
  • Three styling attachments
  • Fast drying and reduces frizz
Product Specification
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: EH-NA65-K
  • Weight: 1.29 pounds

Best Hair Dryers for At-Home Blowouts Buying Guide

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hair Dryer

Your type of hair, how often you use it and where will all influence your final choice of hair dryer. Here are the other main things you need to consider:

Wattage – the power of your hair dryer needs to match your individual needs. In general, the higher the wattage (W), the more powerful the hair dryer will be, and the higher the heat it can supply.

Adjustable settings – as well as a decent power, you should also look for a dryer that has adjustable settings so you can adapt the dryer to your hair. Look for adjustable heat and speed settings so you can style as well as dry your hair with ease. You can also get models which offer a ‘cool shot’ setting, which gives you a final blast of cold hair to help set your style in place and prevent frizz.

Attachments – additional attachments for the nozzle can make all the difference in your final blow style, depending on the texture of your hair. Diffusers can be a great addition if you have curly or wavy hair as they diffuse the hot air to define curls and help to prevent frizz while concentrators narrow the hot airflow for a sleek and smooth finish.

Hair protecting technology – with all that hot air, you will want to protect your hair from heat damage, especially if you are going to use your new hair dryer daily. Which is where ionic and ceramic hair tech comes in. Ionic hairdryers use special heating elements that help your hair to retain moisture and to lock in shine, while ceramic hair dryers are particularly effective against frizz. And some hair dryers use the mineral tourmaline to reduce static in the hair and also speed up drying time.

Additional features - top of the list when it comes to extras should be a long power cord, retractable if possible as well as a hanging loop so you can keep everything neat and stored away when not in use.

Ergonomics - the hair dryer needs to be comfortable to use and fit well in your hand as well as being lightweight enough to hold for prolonged periods of time.


Do hair dryers damage your hair?

If not over-used as well as used correctly, then your hair dryer should not harm your hair. But they can over time, contribute to your hair drying out so precautions can be taken to help protect your hair from heat damage. These include using a heat protection spray before blow drying your hair and always holding the dryer at least six inches away from your head. Also, avoid too high a heat setting and don’t focus heat on one area for too long.

What is the best airflow power for a hair dryer?

A high wattage indicates a more powerful hair dryer, with hair salons typically using devices which have 2000W motors, or higher, so that they can dry hair faster and efficiently.  For home use, somewhere between 1500W and 1800W should be sufficient for salon-worthy results, while anything above 1000W will work well to dry your hair. You can even get dryers above 2000W, such as the high-tech Dyson hair dryer. Your hair type can influence your final choice too, as higher wattage works well to control thick or curly hair, while fine or medium hair will respond well to dryers around 1300-1500W. The location also counts, so if you are looking for a travel hair dryer or a dryer to keep in your RV, you need to go for a lower wattage.

How loud should a hair dryer be?

It is generally accepted that noises above 85 decibels can be harmful to your hearing, especially if you are exposed to prolonged use. So, when looking for a hair dryer you really want to go for the quietest model you can, with your search including models that emit less than 80dB – or lower. Many hair dryers are actually made with DC motors, which are smaller and lightweight, but give out the most noise. The quieter AC motor can be found, and can be more powerful although it is heavier, so not good if you have to hold and use your hair dryer for longer periods of time.  It is also important to remember that quieter doesn’t necessarily mean quality, so always ensure that the dryer is efficient and effective for your hair needs.

Do expensive hair dryers make a difference?

Some of the more expensive hair dryers are able to dry your hair faster, have the latest tec and are lighter to use, but the spec they may have can also be found in cheaper models. Ultimately, how much you are prepared to spend on a hair dryer will depend on your hair’s own styling needs, the extras you would like and how often you intend to use it as well as your maximum budget.