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Last Updated: May 21, 2022
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What separates good hair from great hair? A great hairbrush. Seriously, what a good brush can do for your hair and scalp – detangle and smooth out hair, massage your scalp and redistribute natural oils over each strand – no shampoo or hair mask can. But finding a brush that’s good for your hair type and preferred styling (or several brushes if you’re serious about your hair care routine) is no easy task. From boar-bristle brushes, paddle brushes, wide-tooth combs, round brushes, and more, there are countless models available on the market today.

That’s why we handpicked some of the best hair brushes out there for every hair type, texture, style and concern so your tresses remain healthy, shiny and tangle-free.

The Best Hair Brush

1. Denman Hair Brush for Curly Hair


    Seven rows of sculpted round-ended nylon pins giving a softer finish, increased movement and defines curls on wet hair

    Perfect for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair

    Smooth nylon pins in an anti static, natural rubber pad

    Great for afro hair

The Denman Hair Brush, aka the holy grail for curly girls. Whether you have looser curls, 3a to 4c textured hair, whether you want to create ringlets or need a good detangler – the Denman will tick every box in a way that other brushes just cannot. Smoothing, shaping, polishing or styling, the Denman has gained cult status and is one of the most reviewed brushes on Youtube. For those who want just the right brush for their hair, the Denman has a range of options. You can choose from their selection which includes a variation of spike rows and bristles depending on your hair type.

2. Conair Pro Hair Brush with Nylon Bristles


    Ball-tipped bristles to avoid snagging

    Flexible cushion base – which acts as a mini shock absorber for stress free brushing

    Great for all hair types

    Soft ridged handle for improved grip

This brush is a great all-rounder, an everyday brush that you can use in the morning and throw in your bag for a quick touch up later. Don’t worry about overuse as the ball-tipped bristles mean snagging will not be an issue – good news to children all over the world, ouch free brushing for the win! Whether your hair is short, mid length or long this brush will give you stress free detangling for the entire family. Another great selling point is the ridged handle which will allow you to brush with ease, even if your hands are slick with hair product. A great little brush on both wet and dry hair.

3. Wet Brush Original Detangler


    Ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles which minimize pain, split ends and breakage

    Let’s you brush with less force

    Good for all hair types.

    Ideal for wet hair but also good for dry detangling

As the name suggests, the Wet Brush is known for superior detangling on wet hair – but it’s also good on dry hair too. The ultra-soft Intelliflex bristles glide through tangles and knots with ease, meaning less pain, breakage and split ends. In fact, Wet Brush say their brushes cause over 45% less damage with 55% less effort – big claims but online reviews appear to agree. A good all-rounder on all hair types, the Wet Brush has won awards for its innovative brush design. So, if you are after healthier hair and stress free detangling, you may want to give the Wet Brush a try.

4. Boao 2 Pieces Detangling Brush for Afro America


    Waterproof and easy to clean

    Good elasticity to fit the head, making this a good brush for scalp massage

    Great on afro hair

    Superior detangling with little to no snagging even on tighter knots

    Nylon needles enhance the durability and firmness

    Matte surface for improved / nonslip grip

Don’t be fooled by the unusual look of this brush – it’s super effective when it comes to detangling all hair types. Consider this a public service announcement: if wash day has you setting aside hours to detangle your hair, give this brush a try, it will save you time and energy. This brush is especially good for 4c hair, it will detangle even the most intricate knots without snagging and is great for pulling conditioner through to your ends. For those with tighter curls, remember to start at your ends and work your way up the hair shaft for safer detangling.

5. Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry


    OmniFlex brush head flexes in every direction to contour to scalp

    Open vented design allows moisture to be removed from the hair faster, speeding up drying time

This is the kind of brush you take out in the ladies’ toilets just to show off – it’s cute AF. More than that, the Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry is great for detangling due to the bristles and the flexible head – one recent reviewer said it combed through her hair ‘like butter’. The best thing about this brush is the open vented design – this makes it great for detangling wet or semi dry hair or for using with a hair dryer. There is nothing to block the air from getting to your hair and the brush is not left feeling soggy either. A great little brush with many user-friendly attributes!

6. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush


    Unique cone shaped plastic bristles work to separate the hair sideways instead of down, gently unravelling even the toughest tangles

    Doesn’t dig into the scalp or rip out hair like other brushes

    Painless soft plastic bristles that massage the scalp and increase circulation

    Child friendly

    Great on all hair types – even extensions and wigs

An absolute classic, the Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush gained cult like status soon after it launched. Mothers all over the world rejoiced as it made pain free detangling a breeze –  it’s also a great brush for damaged hair. It’s all down to the innovative design of the bristles that separate the hair sideways and unravel tangles rather than just dragging them out.

Then there is the shape which gives great grip for working on very long or very thick hair. For extension or wig wearers this is the brush for you – it won’t tear the hair out from the weft, but will detangle and smooth effectively. This is a compact brush that makes a big impact.

7. REVLON Detangle & Smooth Black Cushion Hair Brush


    Great for detangling & smoothing out hair

    Rubberized finish

    A brush style for all hair needs

    Soft Brush Bristles

    Works on wet and dry hair

The REVLON Detangle & Smooth is another great brush for everyday use. No ‘out there’ design, no bells or whistles, but still a contender. This is a good round brush for all occasions. This brush works well on wet and dry hair and the soft bristles minimise damage to the hair shaft. A great grab and go brush, for when you simply want to detangle your hair – no more, no less.

8. URTHEONE Hair Brush Boar Bristle


    Carefully selected bristles and handmade nylon ball

    Easily penetrates through normal and thick hair

    Smoothing and shin enhancing

You just can’t beat a paddle brush for tackling frizz. Regardless of how unmanageable your hair has become, this Boar Bristle Paddle brush will have you smooth and shiny in no time. Slept on your hair and woke up like a banshee? Moisture got to you and now walking around with a frizz ball on your head? This is a sturdy option and will have you sorted out in just a few strokes. The Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush is best for thick, unruly, longer hair – but still a reliable option for tackling frizz on any hair type.

Best Hair Brushes Buying Guide

Features to Look for in a Hair Brush

The type of brush you need for your hair depends entirely on your hair type. If your hair is thick and prone to tangles, getting yourself a cheap and flimsy brush that is not very durable will leave you looking for a replacement in no time at all. That said there are some things that you should look for in all brushes.

  1. Durability – You should not have to constantly replace your brushes. Go for a quality brush that won’t snap or lose bristles
  2. Grip – If you use a lot of product in your hair, opt for a brush that has a ridged or matte surface on the handle to prevent slip.
  3. Aesthetic – Just because it is a tool does not mean that it has to be ugly. There are lots of great looking brushes out there, get yourself a cute one that you won’t be embarrassed to use in the ladies toilets.

Different Types Of Hair Brushes For Every Hair Type

As mentioned above, the right brush for you is dependent on the type of hair you have. Here is a quick guide to hair brush types, to make it easier for you to choose:

Curly hair – Go for a brush that won’t create frizz, one that smoothes and polishes without dismantling your curls. Opt for wider set or less rows and plastic / rubber bristles

Afro hair – Like curly hair you will need something that creates less frizz and detangles and smoothes without pulling out your hair. Again, go for a brush with wider set or less rows and plastic / rubber bristles

Thick hairA paddle brush for thick hair is great. Try it if your hair is heavy, long and / or thick. Get yourself a brush with good grip and one which will not break as you use it. Natural or plastic / rubber bristles are fine, just make sure they are flexible but sturdy

Fine hair – Another vote for the paddle brush, but this time make sure the bristles are extra soft. A comb for fine hair, coupled with a boars bristle brush will be all that you need. Tools that are gentle on the hair and scalp are best for you and will help you to create shine without damage or pulling out the hair

Straight hair – Straight hair can snag, so even if it is easier to detangle this type of hair you may have to be careful to avoid damage. Most brushes work on straight hair, but trial and error will show you what is best for your hair type. A paddle brush is a great place to start.


Does brushing make hair grow?

Brushing allows your natural oils and moisture to be pulled from the scalp and root to the ends of your hair. In this way, brushing creates shine and can prevent drying and breakage – you can choose a hair stimulating brush for this. BUT brushing does not make your hair grow, sorry!

How do I clean my hair brush?

There are so many options for cleaning brushes but the simplest is often the best. Get a light shampoo and after removing hair from the brush (you can use a comb to do this), simply soak the brush in shampoo and water. Rinse thoroughly. Some brushes may need extra drying time.

How often should I brush my hair?

This really depends on your hair type. We would recommend brushing your hair twice a day, but we would also tell you to keep an eye on the health of your hair. Trial and error will determine what is best for your particular hair type.

Is it bad to brush hair when it's wet?

Hair strands are often weaker when filled with water, so brushing hair when wet is not always the best idea. That said, if you are using a product which allows for major slippage (conditioner), detangling on wet hair can take the pain out of the process for curly girls. Get yourself a good styling brush for this.