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Last Updated: August 30, 2021
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Taking the strain out of one of the least attractive parts of any woman’s beauty routine, Flamingo produces razors and hair removal products that don’t over-complicate the need for effective hair removal.

An extension of the hugely popular men’s grooming brand, Harry’s, Flamingo claims to have designed an affordable range of women’s grooming products that work with the female form for quick, smooth, and easy to achieve results.  Slick, ergonomically designed, and convenient to use, their razor sets are also complemented by waxing kits for fast and efficient hair removal at prices which won’t sting your pocket.

But is this women’s razor brand worth the hype? We look at some of their best-selling products as well as dig into customer reviews to put the Flamingo razors range to the Beauty Bets test.

About Flamingo

An offshoot of Harry’s male grooming brand, Flamingo is a relatively new kid on the female epilation block. Established in 2018, the company exclusively makes products for women that aim to take the hassle out of removing body hair. And it is a company that has a sense of humor – the name ‘Flamingo’ comes from the one-legged pose you make when you are trying to shave your legs in the shower!

The Flamingo shave product range – which includes razor and waxing kits, as well as individual razors for sensitive skin, shaving creams, moisturizers, and ingrowing hair treatments – has been developed following extensive consultation with their target market: the everyday woman who will be using them. In short, these are Harry’s razors for women, with quality ‘female body friendly’ products at an affordable price that are also durable and practical. Its core product, the Flamingo razor retails at $9 and with over 2.2 million sold to-date, it appears that the Flamingo approach to easy hair removal works.

About Flamingo

All the blades used in the Flamingo razor range are also manufactured in the same German factory as the Harry’s Inc razors so are super-sharp and durable, giving a lovely close and clean shave. With added moisturizing strip features, ergonomic handles, and rubber grips, as well as product bundles and skin care packages, these are not just ‘pinked up’ Harry’s products, but quality hair removers specifically designed for the female form.

Unlike other similar brands, Flamingo is not a subscription service and boosts its core range with a collection of complementary personal care products.

Body positivity is also the brand’s buzzwords, and Flamingo is committed to giving something back, donating 1% of sales to a range of female empowerment charities, both in the US and around the world.

Pros and Cons

So, it appears that Flamingo shaving products are making their mark. But are they the right hair removal product for you? We lift the lid on the main pros and cons to the Flamingo brand:

  • Offers a well-thought-out range of razors, waxing kits and hair removal aftercare products
  • Comes with the technical expertise that is behind leading grooming brand, Harry’s
  • Sits at an affordable price-point, with a quality feel to all their products
  • You get the choice of opting for convenient and cost-effective product bundles
  • The company donates 1% to female empowerment charities
  • No subscription plans to tie you down
  • Available online or at your local Target store
  • Free returns and exchanges on all its products
  • The blades can be sharp, compared to other brands, so you need to get used to them
  • The company doesn’t seem to be big on offering discounts, offers or promotions
  • No free samples
  • Limited international shipping

Product Review

Ashley Graham Shave Set

This limited-edition shave set is excellent value for money and is also the perfect way to take your favorite Flamingo razor with you on your travels! You get the best-selling Flamingo razor in a vibrant orange red, plus five -blade cartridge for a super-smooth shave. Plus, you have the essentials you need to prep and then soothe your skin, including a washable exfoliating mitt, and travel-sizes of their popular shaving gel and daily moisturizing lotion. Add in a neat mesh pouch and a handy shower holder and you have all you need to keep those pins fuzz-free and beach ready!

This seven-piece pack includes a 1-ounce cannister of shaving gel and 3-ounce tube of daily moisturizer for an excellent price of $18.

Ashley Graham Shave Set

Banish Bumps Bundle

Even if you use a quality razor, ingrowing hairs can occasionally develop when you shave your body hair, leaving unsightly bumps on your skin.  But rather than picking and squeezing, which can make things worse, Flamingo has come to the rescue with some superhero products in the Banish Bumps Bundle. As well as the core kit you need for a healthy, clean shave – razor, shaving gel and moisturizer – you also get a full-sized tube of Flamingo’s bestseller, Ingrown Spot Treatment. With willow bark, a natural salicylic acid as well as a blend of fruit acids, this gel-cream works to gently exfoliate and release the trapped hair, without drying out your skin. Added bisabolol then soothes to reduce redness and heal the skin. A wonder product, offered as part of a great value shaving set.

The Banish Bumps Bundle contains a 15ml tube of Ingrown Spot Treatment, five blade razor with a choice of handle colors, shave gel, body lotion and a mesh pouch, all for $25.

Banish Bumps Bundle

Smooth Start Set

The perfect introduction to shaving the Flamingo way, this four-piece pack has all you need to get started. First up, you have the essential flamingo razor, in a choice of four cool handle colorways. Plus, there’s a pack of five blade cartridges so you don’t have to worry about running out. For a smooth and clean shave, you need a good shaving cream, and Flamingo’s Foaming Shave Gel with soothing aloe vera and skin conditioners is also included. And finally, as the shower is our favorite place to whip of that body hair, you also get a handy shower hook to keep your new razor ready to hand.

The Smooth Start Set retails at $20 and includes the Flamingo Razor, pack of five blades, full-size can of Foaming Shave Gel and shower hook.

Smooth Start Set

Bikini Bundle

It’s never been easier to get beach ready with Flamingo’s well thought out Bikini Bundle. Designed for the bikini line and upper thigh, there’s all you need for a smooth and hair-free holiday look that’s ready for the poolside. At the heart of this bundle is Flamingo’s award-winning razor, along with two blade cartridges and a travel-size of its soothing Foaming Shave Gel and Body Lotion. It also includes a dedicated pubic hair wax kit, with plenty of wax strips and post-wax cloths to remove and soothe the delicate bikini area. The wax strips are in two different sizes too – rectangular for the bikini line and a larger square for the pubis area – so you can remove hair with precision.

All the ingredients used in the gel, wax and moisturizer are cruelty free. And with a recyclable mesh pouch as the finishing touch, the eight-piece Bikini Bundle is excellent value at $24.

Bikini Bundle

Body Wax Kit

For a longer lasting result between hair removal sessions, waxing is a good alternative to the razor, and Flamingo have put together this comprehensive home waxing kit for the body that is easy to use. Designed for use on the legs, arms and underarms, these gel-wax strips remove hair as short as 2mm from the root, keeping your skin hair-free for up to four weeks. The wax used on these strips is dermatologist-tested and made with natural ingredients, including beeswax and castor seed oil and each double-sided strip can be used several times. They have also been created to be used on most skin types, although if you do have sensitive skin, a test patch is recommended. Also included in the kit are post-wax care cloths containing sweet almond oil, which gently removes any residue as well as cool and soothe your skin.

The Body Wax Kit retails for $10 and contains 14 double-sided wax strips (28 single) in large and medium sizes plus six post-wax cloths.

Body Wax Kit

Flamingo Razor

The star product in the Flamingo range, its razor comes with all the engineering honed at its partner company, Harry’s, but tailored for the female form. The result is a well-weighted razor, that balances nicely in the hand and including an ergonomic handle for a comfortable yet secure grip. At the business end you have a five-bladed shaving cartridge, which includes a hydrating strip for a skin-friendly glide.

The blades are also precision engineered so last well without dulling and the hinged head makes easy work of the contours of the body, including knees and underarms. This is an award-winning design that looks smart too and is available in a choice of four gorgeous colors.

Each flamingo razor costs $9 and comes complete with one five-blade cartridge. Additional cartridges are extra, with an eight-pack set currently retailing at $16.

Flamingo Razor

Flamingo Customers Reviews

Hair removal is a personal thing; some users may be happy with a cheap and cheerful disposable razor, some prefer other methods such as laser treatment or home-use epilators, while others prefer something more engineered, ergonomic, and long-lasting. And it is in the latter category that Flamingo is more than holding its own. When looking at Flamingo razor reviews, the consensus is positive, both on the company’s own website and on other retailers’ sites.

Most of their shaving, waxing and aftercare products score highly; on the Flamingo website, their most popular products come in at least 4 out of 5 stars, or higher.  Here are a few examples:

Ergonomics are perfect, well balanced and smooth. Does a great job.” “Best razor I’ve ever had!” “The flamingo razor is the only one so far that not only doesn’t give me any nicks and gives me a close shave.”

However, both on Flamingo’s website and others, the main criticism appears to be that the razor doesn’t always get to the places you’d want it to: “Works great for legs but doesn’t get me the closest shave on my underarms,” and “The razor has a really nice design, easy to hold and use but cannot use in hard-to-get areas,” are just a couple of feedback examples.

The waxing kits, have a slightly more hit and miss response from users, ranging from “The strips do not remove hair as I thought they would,” to “My skin is so soft and hair free. If you are hesitant about waxing, don’t be.”

In a competitively tight market, there are, however, some key customer preferences that make Flamingo a popular choice, including the fact that you don’t have to sign up to a subscription, the price point for most of the products and the design quality. And for us, this shows that a switch to Flamingo would be a smooth move if you are looking for a new hair removal product to try.

Flamingo Customers Reviews

Where to Buy Flamingo

The Flamingo website is easy to use and offers the full range – – which is also covered by their 30-day money back guarantee. Alternatively, you can find much of the Flamingo range in Target and Walmart (Canada), both online and in store.

Flamingo products are also available at Walgreens, Duane Reade, Kroger, and Meijer, but in-store only.

Flamingo Shipping and Return Policy

Flamingo ship to anywhere in the US, including its overseas territories as well as some European locations, including the UK. You can get free shipping on all orders over $15, otherwise there is a straight shipping charge of $3.  Typical delivery is around 10-14 business days, according to their website, but it will be longer if shipping to the US territories.

So confident are Flamingo in their products, that they offer a quality guarantee across the whole range. This means that if you are not satisfied in any way with your purchase within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund, with no charge for the return.

Flamingo Shipping and Return Policy

Flamingo Promotions & Discounts

When reviewing the Flamingo website, there are no immediate discounts or offers promoted but they do offer periodical promotions, as well as trial offers, although these appear to be for new customers. The company also offers good value bundle sets, which could save you around $5-$15 if you bought the products separately.

It is also possible to access coupon codes for Flamingo via the various Coupon websites, which can offer discounts, typically between 5% and 15%. For an extra feel-good when shopping with Flamingo, they will donate 1% of all sales to charities that work to empower women around the globe.

Contact Flamingo

The Flamingo Razor website contains a comprehensive FAQ section to deal with the most common queries. However, the customer service team is also on hand, via email – [email protected] or by calling 1-888-205-9655. They also respond to inquiries via Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Office hours are 10 – 4 EST time, Monday – Friday.

Contact Flamingo

Flamingo: Editors Verdict

Affordable and designed for women, the Flamingo brand comes with the bonus that it is from the same stable as Harry’s and so shares its quality and precision engineering. And the feedback from its customers appears to confirm that this down to earth brand has its shaving and waxing products just right.

Flamingo pulls no punches as to what it’s here to do – make body hair removal as easy and stress free as possible. And we love the lack of vanity in its advertising, which features real women with real body hair getting on with the awesome business of being amazing women!

Their razors are a generally a delight to use, are perfect for the shower and leave you feeling smooth and fuzz-free. Add in a few of their aftercare products and you’ll have pins and underarms that look and feel fresh, moisturized, and healthy.

The blades may be a little keen for some but with a little patience, they are easy to get the hang of and it’s worth it for the smooth results. Plus, at less than $10 for a durable, ergonomic razor designed to last, Flamingo represents good value for money. And for every product you buy from Flamingo, you get an extra feelgood, as it donates a percentage to charities that supports the empowerment of women. What’s not to love?