Have you ever felt like something sounds almost too good to be true? That is how we felt when learning about FaceTheory, a UK-based beauty brands with all the credentials one could ask for – clean, cruelty-free, vegan, fragrance-free, sustainable, natural yet also based on science, listening to customers and valuing their feedback, affordable with a 365-day money back guarantee.

All of that sounds very impressive. But it is time to put FaceTheory to the test and find out if all its promises hold up, in which case we have found our new favourite skincare brand, or whether it is, in fact, too good to be true in the end. By the end of this FaceTheory review, we will have an answer to this as we take a closer look at the brand, its products, ingredients and most importantly, existing customer reviews. So keep reading to the end to find out.

About FaceTheory

FaceTheory is a Sheffield-based skincare brand founded by digital entrepreneur Jamie Shuker. The brand operates under a direct-to-consumer model which cuts out any middle-man and makes FaceTheory one of the most affordable on the market. The company is very focused on results the products bring, rather than fancy packaging or aromatherapeutic fragrance like many other brands do. Facetheory doesn’t only look at the benefits of individual products as well, it looks at skincare routines as a whole and therefore helps its customers on its site by building simple but effective skincare routines for different skin concerns, also with optional extras.

As a clean beauty brand, FaceTheory cuts out any ingredients that could be harmful to the skin but unlike many other clean brands, it doesn’t rely solely on pure natural ingredients, even though it uses many botanical extracts. The brand also looks to science for active formulas which are known to be beneficial for the skin, such as salicylic acid or retinol, each of which you can read about in depth on the brand’s website. And FaceTheory is very confident in its products and formulas as it offers an incredible 365-day money back guarantee, in other words a year, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, whether it made your skin worse or even if you just didn’t see any improvements.

About FaceTheory

In line with the clean beauty standards, FaceTheory is also cruelty-free and vegan with a Leaping Bunny certification, the gold standard for cruelty-free products. The brand is very environmentally conscious too, eliminating all single-use plastic from the supply chain and all of its packaging being either amber glass with an aluminium lid or aluminium tubes, both of which are easy to recycle and the former is easily reusable. Orders are then packed in paper which is both recyclable and bio-degradable.

  • Affordable price points with most products ranging from £11.99 to £24.99
  • 365-day money back guarantee if you're unhappy with a product
  • Offers fragrance-free options or fragranced alternatives for several products
  • Helps customers with building skincare routines based on skin concern
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Free from harmful ingredients like parabens, sulphates, alcohol and silicones
  • Combines skin-benefitting natural extracts and science-backed actives
  • Eco-friendly and free from plastic
  • Cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny-certified
  • Vegan
  • Educates customers about individual ingredients and formulas
  • Offers free returns
  • Free delivery on UK orders over $20
  • Offers a free rewards programme
  • Offers international shipping
  • Isn't stocked in physical stores and doesn't have a store of its own, only available online
  • Doesn't offer samples

FaceTheory Product Review

Clarifying Cleanser C2 review

The Clarifying Cleanser C2 is one of FaceTheory’s bestselling products. It is an exfoliating cream cleanser with three different chemical exfoliants to remove dead skin cells – 4% glycolic acid and 1% lactic acid which are AHAs, and 2% salicylic acid, a BHA. The actives are formulated at a low pH to be closer to the skin’s natural pH and therefore, be more effective. Needless to say, this is a powerful formula designed for people with oily, blemish and acne-prone skin and blocked pores as salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores and glycolic and lactic acids exfoliate the skin and remove any dirt.

A little goes a long way with this cleanser. Wash your face with warm water, apply the cleanser and massage it all across the face. Leave on for a minute and wash off with warm water again. If you are a practitioner of the double cleanse method, precede with an oil-based cleanser or a cleansing balm. This product, however, makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so wearing sunscreen and limiting sun exposure is paramount.

This cleanser is one of the products by FaceTheory that apart from the unscented version also offers a scented alternative, infused with cold-pressed mandarin essential oil.

The product comes in a 180ml amber glass jar with an aluminium lid and retails for £12.99 which for an exfoliating cleanser is an excellent price. FaceTheory also offers customers a deal for buying a set of two for £21.99, saving £3.99.

Clarifying Cleanser C2 review

Supergel Oil-free Moisturiser M3 review

Another bestseller and another product for oily and acne-prone skin from FaceTheory is the Supergel Oil-free Moisturiser M3. This gel formula is extremely lightweight which is what makes it perfect for this type of skin, while also moisturising it and hydrating it with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and aloe vera which also controls sebum production. In turn, natural botanical extracts of green tea and camomile soothe the skin. Niacinamide is present to minimise the appearance of pores, control sebum production and fade any dark spots and similarly with a stabilised version of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and brightens the skin. Salicylic acid then relieves pores of congestion.

The gel moisturiser is packaged in a 50ml recycled and recyclable aluminium tube and retails for an affordable £13.99. Or you can buy two for £23.99. This product is available only in the unscented version.

Supergel Oil-free Moisturiser M3 review

Regenacalm 2% Retinol and Vitamin C Serum S1 review

The Regenacalm 2% Retinol and Vitamin C Serum S1, as much as it is a mouthful of a name, is the British brand’s bestselling serum from a range of 16. Recommended for any skin type, including those with sensitive skin, the serum targets and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

It is able to do all of that due to the presence of a stabilised ester of retinol at 2% as retinol is known to encourage cell renewal, regenerates collagen, tightening of pores and softening lines. But retinol sensitises the skin to sun exposure, while this ester creates less sensitivity to it. But it is still sensitising nevertheless so certainly wear sunscreen while using this product.

A natural extract of dill regenerates elastin and therefore fights the signs of ageing, as this ingredient is one of the few natural occurrences which is able to successfully do that. Liquorice extract gets rid of hyperpigmentation and any redness. Similarly, so does vitamin C which also protects the skin from free radicals. To soothe the skin after applying all these actives, aloe vera and ferulic acid derived from rice bran are included.

The serum comes in a 30ml amber glass bottle with a pump and retails for £18.99 which is not uncommon for a serum, or two for £29.99.

Regenacalm 2% Retinol and Vitamin C Serum S1 review

Ocuwake Eye Cream EYE1 review

The Ocuwake Eye Cream EYE1 is one of the brand’s newest products and one with a complex formula and technology behind it. For most part, eye creams are just glorified and over-priced moisturisers in a smaller pot but in this case, FaceTheory really put the work in to create an eye cream that does what you want an eye cream to do – it reduces eye bags and brightens the under-eye area to remove the appearance of dark circles.

The product achieves this by blending traditional actives, such as vitamin C and liquorice, known for brightening the skin and reducing the appearance of dark spots, with innovative and more unknown ingredients in the industry. Those are hexylresorcinol which is also a very potent brightening agent that illuminates and brightens the eye contour, and meiview, a bacterial ferment extract from the halophyte plant which encourages collagen production, making skin feel softer, plumper and firmer and therefore, removing signs of fine lines or, in this case, eye bags. Apply after cleansing on the under-eye area with a gentle tapping motion.

This cream is available in a 30ml aluminium tube for £15.99 and comes unscented. Again, if you want to buy two at once, the price is lowered to £24.99.

Ocuwake Eye Cream EYE1 review

FaceTheory Customer Reviews

For most part, FaceTheory’s customers sing the brand’s praises and are either very happy with the products, which shows in the rating as most products are rated between 4.4 and 4.7/5, or the customer service if the product happened to not work for the customers which is why the brand has earned an overall rating of 4.75/5. The high level of customer service and care is obvious even by looking at some of the negative reviews as the brand always comments back, advising the customers to get in touch directly to secure a refund. The only common complaint customers have is in regards to the smell of the products as most of them are unscented and have only a natural smell which to some is not so pleasant. Here are a few examples of existing FaceTheory customer reviews:

“Outstanding customer service every time. Any time a product has not been suitable for me I have always been offered advice and/or given a refund, this keeps me coming back because I know I can trust facetheory with my money. My skin is very sensitive so it can not tolerate a lot but luckily the last two products I purchased have been great for my sensitive skin and I will definitely be purchasing more.”

“I used it alongside the recommended moisturizer and I wanna say that I did not see any improvement. For the first few days I thought a slight change was happening, but actually my skin started getting as bad, if not worse. The cleanser got my skin brighter, which was nice and it leaves the skin kinda soft. It did not work for me thought which is sad because I was pretty happy and excited considering the huge amount of positive reviews it had.”

“I can see a visible difference in my skin which seems smoother, brighter and tighter. My only complaint with this product would be the smell – it smells of hot dogs! Added fragrance isn’t always a bad thing 😉 also, be aware that it may make you break out when you first begin use. My skin was awful for a good few weeks. It cleared up though.”

FaceTheory Customer Reviews

Sign Up for FaceTheory

FaceTheory newly offers a rewards programme for which any customer can sign up for free on the brand’s website as its community and listening to its customers has always been important to the company. Sign up and straight away, you will receive points which you collect more of with each new purchase. Every £1 is worth 5 points. The points are then redeemable once you reach a certain amount and can be spent on any FaceTheory products of your choice.

Where to Buy FaceTheory

FaceTheory operates under a direct-to-consumer model and is only sold directly through the brand’s own website. None of the products are available through any other retailer and in any physical stores.

Where to Buy FaceTheory

FaceTheory Shipping and Return Policy

FaceTheory is based in Sheffield, UK and therefore offers free delivery, which takes between 2 and 4 days, to all UK orders over £20. For all domestic orders under that amount, the delivery fee is capped at £3.99. The brand also delivers internationally – for any EU orders the cost comes to £4.99 and takes about 5 days to arrive, while delivery to the rest of the world takes anywhere between 5 and 14 days and costs £9.99.


FaceTheory offers a unique 365-day returns policy with a guarantee of a refund or an exchange if you’re unhappy with the product/s for whatever reason, whether it doesn’t work for you, made your skin worse or just hasn’t improved it. The returns are also covered by the brand and won’t cost you any extra charges.

FaceTheory Promotions & Discounts

As mentioned before, if you buy two of the same product, FaceTheory offers an automatic deal on which you will save a few pounds, how much depends on the product and its cost.

But FaceTheory also offers several sets of multiple products, most of which have been carefully chosen to be used as a set skincare routine. By purchasing one of these bundles, you will get 20% off of the price you would pay if you bought these products individually.

FaceTheory Promotions & Discounts

Contact FaceTheory

We have tried to cover all bases with this in-depth FaceTheory review, however, if there are still some questions in your mind that you feel haven’t been answered here, feel free to get in touch with the brand and its customer service team that is always willing to help. Contact via:

FaceTheory: Editors Verdict

Now, without further ado to the main question – is FaceTheory really worth your money? Based on our research, customer feedback and our own experience with some of the prduct, we can whole-heartedly say yes. It really is as good as it sounds and we are pretty sure that everyone can find something in its range that works for them. The only downside to the brand is that many of the products come unscented which for us is not a problem but some of the customers have expressed a dislike to it. If that is the case for you, stick to the ones that offer a scented alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FaceTheory 100% natural?

FaceTheory is not 100% natural. The brand uses several natural ingredients but combines them with effective and safe chemically created active ingredients such as vitamin C and niacinamide.

Is FaceTheory good for acne?

Yes, FaceTheory addresses all skin concerns one might have and recommends specific products from its range depending on skin type and skin issue. The brand offers several products that are designed for acne and acne-prone skin.