From the launch of its first product – the now iconic City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss – back in 2002, City Beauty has grown into an urban brand that is a must-have for those in the know.

Based on cruelty-free principles and using high quality ingredients with proven results, this is a slick beauty brand that appeals to the city dweller looking for solutions to their anti-ageing concerns. And they are confident about all their beauty products, offering a generous 60-day money back if you are not satisfied.

But does this brand confidence translate into a product range that justifies its high-end price tag? We delve into the City Beauty story, road-test some of their best-selling products and listen to their customer reviews to help you decide whether this LA-based beauty brand is worth the hype.

City Beauty

About City Beauty

A luxury skin care brand, City Beauty was founded by Victoria Renee who wanted to find a solution to plump up thinner lips. After failing to find a product she was happy with, Renee decided to formulate her own and in 2002, City Beauty was born. The company’s first product was City Lips, which has gone on to accrue a loyal following and scooped numerous beauty accolades, including Good Housekeeping’s Best Beauty Award.

On their website, City Beauty describe their approach as ‘functional beauty’, rejuvenating and improving skin quality while working to tackle specific and individual concerns.

Focusing on developing products to address common complaints such as dry skin, dark spots, thin lips, sparse eyelashes and wrinkles, City Beauty mission is to ‘help women age beautifully’ as well as offer range that is animal cruelty free.  Today, the City Beauty collection offers skin care solutions for eyes, lips and face as well as body, using quality products that support collagen levels and nourish the skin. Core active ingredients in many of the City Beauty products include hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, the antioxidant, resveratrol, skin brightening oligopeptides and high potency, vitamin C.

With its latest range catering for all skin types and ages, City Beauty is based in Los Angeles, where all their skin care products are made.

About City Beauty

So far, so beautiful. While at the pricier end of the beauty market, City Beauty is growing in popularity and its ability to cater for key skin care concerns with quality, cruelty free products seem to be hitting the mark. We lift the lid further to assess the brand’s pros and cons:

  • Addresses key issues to help boost both confidence and skin health and radiance
  • A good choice of anti-ageing face and body products to enable a tailored approach to skin care
  • High quality ingredients and results-driven formulations
  • Impressive 60-day money back warranty shows they have confidence in their own products
  • All products in the City Beauty range are animal cruelty free
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 (US only)
  • Option to subscribe the money-saving AutoShip service of your favorite products
  • At the higher end of the pricing scale for an everyday beauty brand
  • Some of the products contain synthetic fragrances
  • You need to be on the ball with the AutoShip and how often you need your products
  • You can only buy products directly from the City Beauty website

City Beauty Product Review

With targeted formulations for the face, body, lips and eyes, there’s a good choice of products for most skin types and age ranges. We take a deeper look at six of City Beauty’s bestsellers.

City Lips

We start our City Beauty products review with the must-have item that started it all – City Lips, a hydrating gloss that both conditions and plumps for an Insta ready pout that lasts. And the beauty about this gloss is that not only do you get a pretty immediate effect, but City Lips will also help to smooth and improve the look of your lips with regular use.  Now here’s the kicker – it does sting a little, but the tingle soon goes, leaving a subtle plumping effect that looks nice and natural. And the quality ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and oligopeptides, moisturize, nourish and protect the delicate skin on your lips.

You also get a gorgeous choice of 14 shades, from clear to a vampy burgundy red, so there’s a City Lips to suit all occasions, lip shapes and skin tones. Cruelty free, there’s also no parabens or mineral oil in the formula.

Available in a 4.9ml tube, a little of City Lips should go a long way and is a good choice for thin, dry or wrinkled lips. Designed for all skin types and ages, a little of City Lips retails at $35.

City Lips

Multi-action Sculpting Cream

City Beauty’s second most popular product, after City Lips is this silky cream that is silky soft on the skin and promises a whole host of lifting and sculpting properties. Multi Action Sculpting Cream is particularly recommended for sagging skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles as its tightening action leaves your skin feeling tauter and looking renewed. So, what’s its secret? Well, it contains peptides as its building blocks to help boost the natural collagen in your skin, giving it a firmer and more youthful visage. Gently massaged into the skin as part of your twice daily skin care routine, it can also tackle the loss of volume and elastin, which can lead to skin looking older. One of the key ingredients is the natural biopolymer, Easyliance, which works to contour and tighten the surface of the skin. Add in other natural ingredients such as chamomile and aloe vera and this cream also soothes and calms, leaving your skin feeling nourished and happy. However, it does have a slightly heavy consistency and can leave very dry or sensitive skin feeling a little tight.

This is a mid-priced product offering high quality ingredients. Available in a 50ml jar, City Beauty Sculpting Cream will set you back $67.

Multi-action Sculpting Cream

Inviscrepe Body Balm

As well as the face, City Beauty has turned their expertise to the body, and with this lux body balm, they aim to help you target thinner, crepey skin. And if invisicrepe body balm reviews are anything to go by, while it won’t turn back time, this balm can soften, smooth and help to plump up sagging or crepey skin, particularly areas of concern such as the neck, chest and legs. One of its skin nourishing secrets is ribose, which supports the natural production of collagen, while other ingredients such as barley extract and probiotics help to protect and nourish the skin. The result is skin that feels softer and hydrated, which can also help to iron out the creases in older skin. However, for visible results, you will need to be patient, and plan to use this balm for the long haul as it is not a quick fix.

Inviscrepe Body Balm is only available in one size – 147ml – and retails at $60.

Inviscrepe Body Balm

Line Blurring Wrinkle Filler

For a temporary solution for a flawless complexion, City Beauty’s Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler is a must-have for any party-goer’s handbag! Easy to apply, this silky serum works by invisibly filling in skin creases and instantly blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The secret to its line-blurring abilities is the formula of silicones and humectants which work together to temporarily transform the skin. The humectants draw in moisture which plumps the skin while the silicones form a film across the skin’s surface to smooth everything away. As a targeted temporary treatment, the results are impressive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last as the blurring effect will disappear when you wash it off. Line blurring wrinkle filler can used on most skin types, including oily, sensitive and dry – simply dab a small amount on the area of skin you want to blur, then gently tap until the product is fully blended in.

However, for all this wrinkle-blurring magic, you will pay a premium, as the 7.5ml size of Line Blurring Wrinkle Filler will set you back $79.

Line Blurring Wrinkle Filler

Uplift Firming Serum

Looking for fast results when it comes to a firming treatment? Then check out City Beauty’s Uplift Firming Serum which claims to give you visibly firmer and smoother skin in just 30 minutes. And while it won’t necessarily give you the taut skin of your teenage years, many reviewers report a fresher, more toned appearance to their complexion. Uplift Firming Serum works to also boost collagen production to create a more supported structure to the skin. The ingredients are both nourishing and plumping, including glycerin, algae extract, goji fruit extract and aloe vera and there are no parabens or mineral oils in the pleasantly moisturizing formula. And the high-water content of the serum works beautifully to hydrate the skin to leave it feeling soft and comfortable, without tightness. This is the ideal City Beauty product to layer under a moisturizer such as Multi Action Sculpting Cream for a refreshed, hydrated and youthful look.

Uplift Firming Serum costs $85 and comes in a 50ml bottle, with dropper for easy application.

Uplift Firming Serum

Ultra-Firming Dry Oil

The exposed skin on the neck and decolletage is prone to ageing as well as sun damage and so a hydrating, nourishing beauty product is a must. And City Beauty’s Ultra Firming Dry Oil could well be the ticket. Non greasy, this dry oil formula goes on like a dream and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any residue. And the effect of this deeply hydrating formula builds with regular use to reenergize the skin and improving the look of wrinkles as well as softening and smoothing the texture of crepey skin.

The premium natural oils blended to create this dry oil formula include rosemary, myrrh and plum seed, fortified with selected extracts such as spilanthes acmella which beautifully relaxes the skin.  Meanwhile the antioxidant, Ubiquinone supports the skin’s natural structure to smooth and de-crease. Just a few drops massaged into the skin morning and night and the light texture and delicate fragrance will make your skin care routine a pleasure.

Suited to all skin types, including dry and sensitive, Ultra Firming Dry Oil costs $82 and comes in a 45ml bottle with dropper for accurate application.

Ultra-Firming Dry Oil

City Beauty Customers Reviews

Looking at City Beauty’s own website, the reviews for their products are overall positive to very positive. Unsurprisingly, it is their best-selling product, City Lips which attracts the most attention, drawing over 700 five-star reviews. Most are quick to highlight how well it works when it comes to plumping and hydrating:

I had heard the hype and thought that I would try it, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would feel wowed.”  “I will use it every day from now on, there’s nothing that compares to the results I get from city lips.”

Multi Action Sculpting Cream and Uplift Firming Serum also stand out for the number of five-star reviews and user feedback. Here are just a few examples:

“I highly recommend this cream to anyone who wants to look younger!”, “I could feel a difference with just the first application. My skin felt firmer.”

Although the results are not as noticeable for some – “I haven’t seen dramatic results, but it does help to moisturize well and that does minimize the wrinkles.

Via more independent review sites, such as TrustPilot and SiteJabber, the brand still attracts largely positive feedback, with an average of 4.3 out of five for the City Beauty product range. But there are some issues which customer reviews have highlighted. Some of the products, such as the Line Blurring Wrinkle Filler have a thick consistency which some users found difficult to absorb or blend into the skin. Other issues highlighted through scanning customer reviews include the fact that some products have added synthetic fragrances and the range is on the expensive side.

But overall City Beauty comes with a good proportion of positive reviews which indicates that this is a quality mid-priced brand which offers real solutions for the most common skin care concerns.

City Beauty Customers Reviews

Sign Up for City Beauty

All products can be conveniently bought online via the brand’s own website, where you can also sign up for their newsletter so you can get all the latest City Beauty news, product launches and offers direct to your inbox. New customers can also get 10% off their first order by signing up for the City Beauty newsletter.

Where to Buy City Beauty

City Beauty is only be found and bought from its own website –  But this does mean you can be sure you are buying the real deal and take advantage of its loyalty discounts off your next purchase.

City Beauty Shipping and Return Policy

City Beauty Shipping and Return Policy

As a US-based company, City Beauty also ships internationally to Canada, Australia, and a selected countries in Europe, including the UK. You can also get free shipping on all US orders over $50. Any orders below $50 will be charged a $5 fee, and standard shipping is between two and seven working days. However, the City Beauty website carries little additional information about their shipping policy or details on their carriers so if you are unsure, get in touch with their customer service team.

A plus for City Beauty is its generous 60-day money back warranty on all products purchased from their website. And this covers a return for any reason, giving you time to try it and if not fully satisfied, you can ship it right back. This 60-day return period does, however, start on the day your products are shipped rather than when you receive it, and you will need to pay the return fees.  And you need to contact the customer service team directly to organize the return.

City Beauty Promotions & Discounts

On face value, City Beauty likes to reward its customers, and offers a decent range of offers, promotions, competitions, and discounts. The stand-out is their AutoShip service, which enables you to sign up to monthly deliveries of your favorite City Beauty products, ensuring that you never run out. With AutoShip, you also get 11% off all your City Beauty products and it is pretty easy to set up. Your card will automatically be charged every month, but you cancel or alter your AutoShip plan at any time.

Other promotions that are currently on offer include 10% discount for first-time shoppers as well as regular City Beauty coupons, depending on the latest promotion.

City Beauty Promotions & Discounts

Contact City Beauty

If you need to contact the City Beauty customer service team for any reason, from product queries to organizing a return, they can be contacted via email at [email protected] or telephone – 1-800-347-1558.

City Beauty customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 6am to 5pm and weekends, 6am to 4pm. They can also be contacted via Facebook or Instagram.

City Beauty: Editors Verdict

If the loyalty of its social media followers is anything to go by, then City Beauty is a brand that is worth a try. Yes, it is a little pricey, compared to similar skin care brands but we like the fact that it is a company based on its founder’s own search for specific skin care solutions.

Looking at the reviews, some of City Beauty products are more successful than others, so it may be a case of trial and error if you are new to the brand. But there are enough high-performing products to outweigh the more hit and miss ones and for City Beauty there has been a decent share of product awards to give you confidence.

We also like the AutoShip option, which if managed well, will add up to some decent savings as well as ensuring you will never run out of your must-have City Beauty product.

When looking at the customer City Beauty reviews, which are, on the whole, very positive about the brand, City Beauty also seems adept at creating products which show visible improvements, but the high potency ingredients may not be for everyone. But for a cruelty free brand that prides itself on supporting women to have beautiful skin, whatever age, City Beauty seems worth the investment.