It’s time to chat about body hair! There are many hair removal techniques on the market, from shaving and waxing to laser hair removal and epilation. All of these procedures get rid of unwanted body hair, leaving skin silky smooth. Some methods remove the hair from the skin’s surface, and others pull it from the root, resulting in smoother skin for longer.

While no method that pulls hair directly from the root will be completely painless (and can sometimes be very painful), many people enjoy the ease and effectiveness of epilation. It’s cheaper than waxing or sugaring and yields longer-lasting results than shaving.

Here we explore epilators in greater detail and explore just how painful they are.

What Is Epilation? 

An epilator is an electrical, handheld device that removes hair from the follicle. Spinning springs or discs work quickly to grab the hair, and as they move, it is plucked from the root, leaving skin silky smooth.

There are two types of epilators, namely wet devices and dry ones. The dry epilators work without water, and the wet varieties can be used in the shower or bath for added convenience.

You can epilate any part of your body from legs and underarms to bikini lines and even face, but certain areas might be more sensitive than others.

How Painful Are Epilators?

Any hair removal method that pulls hair from the follicle can be painful. Different people have different pain thresholds. Many proponents report that the pain decreases over time as the hair thins. However, it can be painful initially.

It’s best to do a test patch on your calf (an area that isn’t as sensitive as the ankle, bikini line or face) to see how you manage it. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that might reduce the level of pain.

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How Do I Stop Epilating from Hurting?

If you’re ready to try epilation but worry about the pain, consider trying the following to make it a little easier.

  • Soak in warm water before: Take a warm bath or shower before epilation. The warm water goes a long way in opening those pores, and this can diminish pain.
  • Use a wet epilator: You could also opt for a wet epilator and use it in the bath. Add some shower gel to your skin to reduce pulling and allow the epilator to glide.
  • Tighten skin: Holding skin taut can also ease the pain and reduce pulling. When epilating under the arms, stretch your arms to keep skin extra tight.
  • Choose epilators with more discs: The more discs an epilator has, the quicker the process will be. This can reduce the length of time spent epilating and ease some pain.
  • Wax once before epilating: This can begin the process of hair growing back thinner and make epilation easier. Since not all the hair will grow back at the same time, there will be less hair to epilate at a time.

Do Epilators Hurt More than Waxing?

This is hugely personal. While some prefer to leave hair removal to the professionals and choose waxing or sugaring, others enjoy the convenience and price-factor of epilation. Both methods pull hair from the follicle, and this won’t be entirely painless.

A possible pro of epilation is that it works better on shorter hairs. While those who wax might have to wait longer between salon visits, when it comes to epilating, short hairs can be zapped too

Over time, the pain of both methods can reduce as the hair becomes thinner and you become used to the sensation.

Top Tips Before Epilating 

  • Exfoliate your skin before epilating: This can reduce ingrown hairs after epilation, making your skin feel even smoother.
  • Choose a device for your needs:Some epilators work better for sensitive areas (wet models), and others work better for thicker hair. Thicker hair models will have more tweezer heads to pull more hair and more robust motors.

When it comes to finding the best epilators, it depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the thickness of your hair.


Epilation is a convenient way to remove hair from the comfort of your home, yielding results that can leave skin smooth and silky for up to 4 weeks, depending on your hair growth. Since it’s an at-home solution, it’s also more affordable than salon waxes.

While no method that pulls hair from the root is painless, the pain can diminish over time. Follow our top tips to make the process more bearable and let us know how it goes!