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February 22, 2018

Style Edit: The Travel Outfit

I’ve spent my fair share of time in airports recently, between the honeymoon, destination wedding, Healers Wanted retreat, and speaking at The Collective in Barcelona! While I will never be the woman trudging gate to gate in 4-inch heels, I also wouldn’t be caught dead in a velour tracksuit. From a young age when my mother made me wear panty hose (!!) on the plane, I’ve known that a good travel outfit makes all the difference in getting you seamlessly to your destination. Plus, I sort of love the art packing and putting together a capsule travel wardrobe. Layers are essential: You don’t want to be too warm or too cold. You want to be comfortable and yet look professional, because travel is still a treat, IMO, so celebrate it!  You also want shoes that look great, can go from plane to destination, but that won’t tear your feet up when you have to sprint a mile through JFK. Here are some of the staple items that make up my travel tote. NOTE: just add stripes to this mix and you have a long weekend’s worth of outfits!

Style Edit: The Travel Outfit - all the essentials for coordinating the perfect outfit for your next fight | Beauty Bets

A light, but warm sweater – I’ve found that my best bet for air travel is a light sweater — especially for international or overnight flights when I want to be warm and catch some shut-eye. I love that this turtleneck sweater from Iris and Ink is beautiful and comfortable, has the causal look of your favorite lived-in sweatshirt, is light enough to layer beneath a jacket, and is made of breathable cashmere so you don’t get too warm.  Details: Iris and Ink Drew Sweater ($160).

Comfortable Black Pants – There’s nothing worse than enduring a long flight in a pair of jeans. The happy medium I’ve found between comfort and professionalism are black pants. Slouchy or skinny, the perfect pair just needs to be have enough structure to look sophisticated. Details: Gap Skinny Ankle Pants in Black ($44.99). I also love this breathable wool pair and wore them to and from Thailand.

Lightweight jacket – A light jacket is great if you are leaving a cold climate (as I always am) and don’t want to hail an Uber or pop on the train without a little extra warmth (but also don’t want to land in LA with a parka). If the jacket is the right material, you’ll be able to pair it with dresses or camis in your warmer destination. This one will also go unnoticed in the overhead bin! Details: Wallis Grey Button Duster Jacket ($78.00).

A Carry-All Bag – I secretly love getting a good 4-6 hours on a plane to read a book, write in a journal, or just zen out. While I try to limit the amount of stuff I lug around the airport, I love having a great leather carry-all bag to transport a few essential items. What I dig about this one is the size (it keeps me from carrying around too much, yet fits my laptop easily) and that it has both shoulder straps and a cross-body strap to provide different carrying options.  Details: Madwell Medium Transport Tote ($158).

Functional Flats – There’s something to be said about shoes that you can walk 5 miles in straight out of the box and not experience any pain. Every woman in my life who travels cannot stop talking about Rothy’s. They’re made of recycled material, are waterproof and can be tossed in the washer, are insanely comfortable, and still chic enough to pair with travel or work outfits. Details: Rothy’s The Point in Black ($145 – get $20 off with code FRIEND-HKXMBGZ at checkout). 

Face Mist – It’s no secret that airplanes are dehydrating. In addition to drinking plenty of water while in the air, packing a good face mist can work wonders. I’ve been loving this refreshing coconut and rose number from Herbivore. It infuses skin with coconut oil and aloe to help combat that dryness, and has a subtle scent that won’t overwhelm fellow passengers (although I always recommend doing your spritzing in the bathroom). Details: Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist ($32).

Perfect Red Lipstick – I know it will come as a shock to no one when I say for the 900th time that red lipstick makes me feel instantly put together. You will not catch me without one in my carry-on. One swipe after a long flight makes me feel rejuvenated, as does a dabbing a little on my cheeks to fake a restful flight. Details: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick in Parisian Red ($37).

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