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October 25, 2017

Celebrating 10 Years of Jett Eyelash Extensions

Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about my lash extensions, or my “minkies.” They’ve not only transformed my eyes (yes, I woke up like this) but my entire morning routine (no more curling and mascara—can you imagine?!). I’ve had them since Jett Beauty opened its doors in Minneapolis 10 years ago and I covered this new service on my local magazine beat. I had never seen anything like it: full, lush lashes that looked more supernatural than any pair of falsies and required minimal maintenance (I get mine filled every three weeks, which takes about an hour).

In the TEN YEARS that I’ve kept up my eyelash extensions, I’ve only ever trusted them to Jett. They weren’t just the first, but founder Amy Kelly and her team are still the best. In the extension world, that means these pros know how to tailor lashes to your face and eye shape, use only the highest quality materials, and apply lashes individually—not in big, gluey clumps. There’s no extension like a Jett extension!

In honor of Jett’s 10-year anniversary, they announced new express lash services, facial waxing, and eyebrow threading and tinting techniques and are celebrating with a beauty bash this Friday, October 27.  This is your chance to experience Jett’s signature services as well as other beloved local businesses like my go-to Glow Lounge spray tan and derm extraordinaire Dr. Bailey Lee (see: my double chin treatment). Be sure to call ASAP if you want in on the discounted treatments that evening! And don’t hesitate to stop me on the street and ask me about my minkies.

  • Elizabeth Dehn
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