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July 14, 2017

How to Reapply Sunscreen Without Messing Up Your Makeup

Happy weekend! We are headed Up North to my family’s cabin on Lake Superior for an extended birthday celebration (I hate getting older, but will never turn down an excuse to celebrate!). Had to share my latest sunscreen discovery before we hit the road: Supergoop! Invisible Setting Powder SPF 45 ($30). It’s the answer for those outdoor lunch breaks, afternoon walks and happy hours on the patio when you really should reapply sunscreen but don’t want to mess up your makeup. I know this concept of sunscreen powder isn’t new, but I really really like this one for several reasons:
* It’s a 100% mineral based, so you can feel good about dusting it on your face
* It’s also sweat-resistant, thereby serving as a budge-proof setting powder for makeup AND a blotting powder if you find yourself getting shiny as the day wears on.
* The price point is perfect, about half of the typical sunscreen powders I’ve seen. Especially when you consider that it can double as translucent powder during the summer months.

Finally, it’s friendly for all skin tones and types, with a soft-focus, matte finish that blends instantly. I carry the cute all-in-one brush in my bag for UV protection on the go, and clean the brush regularly with a mild soap and lukewarm water.

Any other genius sunscreens we need to try?!

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