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June 23, 2017

Have a Happy & Healing Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! I, for one, am glad it’s here. June has been a jam-packed month and I have a feeling that July is going to be even hotter. It’s the prefect weekend to stay close to home and bask in the glow of the new moon in Cancer. Astrologer Chani Nicholas has affirmations for making the most of this healing passage. No matter what your sign, expect flashes of insight on what kind of nourishment you need, emotionally and spiritually, that you haven’t been getting—or giving yourself. If you’re new to moon cycles, this guide from sstones is captures them beautifully:

Howling at the moon is always more effective when you’ve got a face mask going on. This easy blueberry-oatmeal-honey face mask from our friends at Prescribe Nutrition is exfoliating and hydrating. Also: did you know their 20-day program is now FREE?!

Prescribe also revealed their top foods for glowing skin. Go on, have another avocado.

But first, it’s Friday—have a cocktail! Charmingly Styled’s got two featuring rosé that made my heart beat a little faster:

Rose Blackberry Fizz

Rosemonade (yep, it’s a thing)

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