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May 24, 2017

Why You Should Try Acupuncture

Getting jabbed with needles is generally an experience associated with pain. Not so with acupuncture, whose massive health and well-being benefits outweigh make this a modality worth trying for anything from anxiety to infertility. Acupuncture originated in China over 2500 years ago and is used traditionally to prevent, treat and even diagnose disease. The goal of acupuncture is to restore the balance of energy flow, called qi (pronounced chee), in the body. The philosophy of this time-honored practice is that energy can stagnate in a particular area; the needles stimulate those points on the body and allow healing energy to flow freely again.

But about those needles . . . They are extremely thin—think the width of one single strand of hair—and they don’t penetrate the skin very deeply. Most of the time, I don’t feel the needles at all, just a tiny, momentary prick when they’re inserted. Occasionally, if a particular point is very sensitive (ie stuck or blocked) it might feel like a pinch or a bit of tingling. This sensation lingers, I simply ask my acupuncturist to adjust the needle and try a different spot with similar benefits.

You don’t need a reason to try acupuncture, but these are a few symptoms it can address:

  • Emotional health (Stress, Depression, Negative Thought Patterns, Food Cravings)
  • Digestive health (Constipation, IBS, Bloating)
  • Pain (anywhere!)
  • Chronic disease
  • Neurological symptoms (Vertigo, Tingling, Burning Sensation and Balance)
  • Cancer treatment related symptoms
  • Sleep Disorders

Additional benefits of acupuncture include mindfulness, relaxation and stress management (seriously, it’s better than a massage!), increased energy levels, and even a glowing, firmer skin. Some acupuncturists can artfully give the same effects as botox or a light face lift just from using needles!

Finally, an acupuncture session encourages self-care on a new level. While you lie still for 30-60 minutes and let the needles work their magic, it’s a wonderful time to meditate or simply rest. This forced time of quiet and relaxation is not only naturally stress-relieving (this explains the acupuncture happy hour trend!), but healing in itself.

  • Elizabeth Dehn
    Born and raised in Minnesota by surprisingly low-maintenance parents, beauty writer and lifestyle editor Elizabeth Dehn (aka Bets) spent her awkward years buying Mood lipstick and whipping up DIY face masks before founding Beauty Bets in 2009.
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