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May 22, 2017

Take Two of These Hangover Pills And Call Me In the Morning


Despite my best efforts, I just can’t drink like I used to. I’m not sure if it’s my body that’s changed, or my tolerance for hangovers, but these days if I’m going to imbibe it better be worth it. Even then, more than two drinks—especially if they involve hard alcohol—can give me a raging headache and that awful lethargy the next day. Hydration and a good night’s sleep are key, but I’ll take all the additional help I can get to keep a hangover at bay. I’ve been testing a new natural supplement called Flyby expressly for this purpose and making everyone who’s drinking with me try it, too (you know, party favors). Flyby was created to help your liver break down alcohol-induced toxins that build up when you drink—especially when you have more than one drink an hour. It’s formulated with milk thistle, Vitamin C and a cocktail of other antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that support liver function, replenish nutrients and metabolize toxins like acetaldehyde. Simply take two capsules with water right before you drink, or before you go to bed. Three capsules if you plan on having a really good time. I’ve definitely noticed a difference the next day when I use Flyby—I feel better than expected and recover faster even if I do wakeup a bit sluggish. There definitely isn’t a downside  This weekend was the final test: I asked two of my supplement-savvy friends to try Flyby at a dinner party and both reported back the next morning with a resounding YES, this stuff totally works. You can try Flyby for FREE, serve the individually wrapped packets at your next party, or go all in with the 60-count bottle, which costs the same as a nice bottle of wine. I’ll drink to that!




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