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April 24, 2017

We Tried It: Kybella Double Chin Treatment

So how do I say this without sounding completely vain? Oh wait. This is a beauty blog . . . Okay, here goes. I AM AFRAID OF GETTING A DOUBLE CHIN. Or a wattle. Or whatever that fat pad is under chin #1 that I swear did not used to show up in photos of me laughing or smiling too wide. Ack! I hate it, and no matter how much I workout or eat right, which is not often enough but totally, like, B+ level, chin #2 is never going to go away. And I KNOW no one else sees it but me, but I see it! And that, my friends, is the fine line between loving yourself and making small tweaks to feel really effing good about yourself. I’m pretty sure that trying the newly FDA-approved Kybella injectable treatment for “submental” chin fat (read: unwanted) doesn’t cross that line. I tried it and reviewed it for the April issue of Mpls.St.Paul magazine, or you can read about my experience and results right here. I went back in last week for round two, when most patients really see a difference, so will let you know how that goes once the post-procedure puffiness subsides. Hoping for just one chin and a finely chiseled jawline.

P.S. Check out patient before and afters. I mean…when can I start shooting this stuff into my side-thighs?!

photo credit: Eliesa Johnson

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