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April 17, 2017

Healers Season One Wrap Up


Well friends, that is a wrap for HEALERS Season One! It’s only fitting that we end on woo-woo note about a dream I had recently…. Thanks to all of you who made it through 10 episodes, and to those of you just joining us: welcome! When I pitched this show to Podcastone nearly a year ago, they were expecting me to talk about beauty. That made sense, and would’ve been fun! But while I had been writing about outer beauty all of these years, I had been doing a near-obsessive amount of inner work. Not just because I’d spent my life depressed or anxious (though that was the initial motivation), but because every light worker I met opened a door into one more opportunity to heal. The more I allowed for a new way of thinking and being, the better I felt. There’s so much wisdom in the world, and inside of ourselves, that most of us don’t even know about. My hope is that podcast would be a safe and not too serious space for us to learn from those who have found the inner peace we are all searching for. What I didn’t expect is the energy that happens we heal together. It has made the journey that much more magical!

We are headed back into the studio for a couple of months to record Season Two but have a surprise or two up our sleeves. Be sure you’re subscribed to HEALERS on itunes or via the podcast app on your smartphone so you don’t miss any updates. I’ll also keep you posted on Instagram and with our newsletter. If you love the show, please support it going by leaving a rating or review here. Your feedback and personal breakthroughs make my day! Finally, if you’re a healer who’d like to appear on the show, or if you know a healers who has changed your life, say hello using our contact form.



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