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April 14, 2017

Spring Fever

A full moon on Monday, Mercury in retro, a snowstorm mixed in there somewhere . . . I’m basically losing my mind. And taking a lot of baths. And breaking out. And eating ice cream?? If you’re feeling off or stuck or just plain funky, know that you are not alone. This is a weird energy, not YOU, and the best way to deal with it is to heal. Read Well + Good’s reasons why the retro is a good thing, then break out the journal, reflect on the stuff that’s coming up (I am sad about X, I hate my Y, I wish I could Z). You know the drill. It’s work but it’s also worth it. Because on the other side is freedom from whatever has been keeping you in a holding pattern. Also: try not to take it all so seriously. I know. I’m the WORST at this. But we have to get out of our heads sometimes and stop trying to save the world. So if I may, I’d like to head into the weekend with something light. Like panties. 

Ashley Barlow just through this Panty Party ($23) illustration up on Etsy and it is speaking to me. Can totally see this in a walk-in closet or girl powder room. The Sunny Side Up print is also super sweet and would look fab on an office gallery wall!

Another mood booster: Bobbi Brown’s new Havana Brights collection. So juicy. The Illuminating Cheek Palettes ($50) add a serious coral flush or shimmering bronze, making them super versatile (I always forget how handy a mixed-use palette can be). And the Art Stick Liquid Lip ($28), a sort of squeezable tube, has a creamy matte texture that stays put. Combined with the pops of color they are truly fresh for spring if you’re ready to put down the high-shine gloss.

Have you heard about Old Navy Rockstar Jeans?!  After years of being a slave to premium denim, I was unconvinced that anything under $150 was probably a waste of money. When you wear them every single day, jeans can make or break an outfit. But for months I’ve been hearing from everyone from budget bloggers to stylists friends that Old Navy Rockstars are everything—flattering, stay-put, don’t stretch—and, like $30. Or $17 if you can get them on sale. Here’s Annette at A Vintage Splendor rocking them while pregnant. After my girl Katie Jasper picked up three pairs last weekend (when was the last time you did that?), I got in my car and drove to Old Navy. And my god, everyone was right! The mid- and high-rise styles are such sweet relief if you are constantly pull up your waste, or afraid to bend over. And my thighs and butt have never looked better in a jean. l’m ordering a white pair right now.

Just when I snag a pair of New Balance for J.Crew sneakers, another color way comes out that trumps the last. Like this khaki + pink number that is so soft, so subtle it would make everything in my closet look sporty. Does this story sound familiar?! Also: does it count if they’re on sale? Right this way . . .

Speaking of sales, the Shopbop Event of the Season has been extended to until 11:59pm PST Sunday, April 14. All the more time to stock up on sandals! I basically wear whatever Grace Atwood tells me, and she’s had the Joie Banji Sandals on repeat. I love that they can hang with little red dress AND that pair of distressed jeans. My kind of shoe—and girl!

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