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February 15, 2017

Review: Function of Beauty


In an age of subscription services that want to command your mailbox once a month with dozens of new products, businesses are hoping to stand out by offering personalized products specifically developed or formulated for your needs. One of these is Function Of Beauty. Answer just a few questions through the company’s virtual hair quiz about your hair type, texture, and goals, and a chemist will custom-make a set of shampoo + conditioner just for you. You even get to choose the color + scent (probably my favorite part) along with a personalized message for the bottles. Not only is the packaging adorable, but the formula should help you reach your personal hair goals by targeting concerns such as dryness, growth, color protection + more.

After realizing I was sensitive to sulfates (aren’t we all?) I began my search for the best sulfate-free shampoos. I’m happy to report that I’ve found many options that perform just as well as their conventional counterparts, Function of Beauty included. The company’s blends are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan!


I loved my experience with Function of Beauty so much that I zoomed through my first two bottles and was putting a dent in my second set before I remembered to pause, review, and take some photos. Anyone who has switched to sulfate-free shampoo will tell you that it takes some getting used to. Sulfates, after all, are what make shampoo lather and bubble, so cleaning your hair with a sulfate-free formula is a different experience that can take some practice.

A word about sulfate-free shampoos: Think of them as something that is going to absorb all the oil off your scalp and hair, and help you transfer the oil to the area of your hair where you want it (your ends!). Traditional shampoo tends to pick the oils up and remove them from your head altogether when you rinse out the shampoo, but a sulfate-free shampoo should pick the oil up from your roots and disperse it throughout your hair, so that you still benefit from those beneficial oils. A rookie will massage sulfate-free shampoo into their scalp, rinse it off, and be furious when they blow dry their hair only to find their roots oily and heavy. Take the time to massage the sulfate-free formula into your roots to lift up and absorb the oil, then continue to work it throughout your hair all the way to the ends. Follow up by rinsing hair with conditioner and get ready to love your locks.

After several weeks of keeping the natural oils on your hair, you’ll notice a difference in the overall health. I feel like my hair has more natural shine and I love the added body created by having hair that isn’t squeaky clean. Leaving some of those natural oils not only benefit the health of your hair, but they also help add amazing lift!

Have you tried a sulfate-free shampoo like Function of Beauty? Will you add it to your ever-growing list of monthly subscriptions? 

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