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February 1, 2017

Year of the Rooster: 2017 Survival Guide

Cockadooodledooooo! On January 28, 2017, we entered the year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. After the intense, competitive, trickster Year of the Monkey, this birdy will be a welcome change—but not without intention and effort on our part. The Rooster is crowing, sounding the alarm for us wake up and take positive action for ourselves and the planet. It’s going to be a year of balancing our own needs and desires with the collective, and that starts with setting intentions for higher good. More insight from the experts to help light the way forward:

The motto for the year of the Rooster 2017 should Keep It Simple and don’’t take offense at the slightest provocation. There’’s a Chinese saying that if you take a step back, you will find the sea and the sky is boundless.” Remember, good values never go out of style, no matter how hard it may seem to apply them. –Astrology Club

Fine-tune your daily routine. In the animal kingdom, the rooster rises before the sun to act as everyone’s alarm clock. You may find you’ve got an extra helping of get-up-and-go this year, too. –Well + Good

“So whatever feelings you may have about the upheaval created in the Monkey year, the qi will now support you to focus and apply yourself to the task at hand with discipline and diligence. Set aside your emotions and focus on long term goals. Stay focused. That’s right, see beyond the current situation and keep your eye on whatever it is that you value in the long run; just keep chipping away without wavering. Apply yourself. That’s what this year is all about. –Narrye Caldwell

 Known for its cocky, self-assured demeanor, the rooster is no stranger to dramatic entrances. This zodiacal sign is known for its ability to work hard and never give up. The rooster isn’t afraid to be loud, bombastic and outspoken. As nature’s alarm clock, the rooster is also in charge of waking us up. Whether we appreciate the call to action or not, the alarms will be sounded and our ability to rise to them accounted for.  –Chani Nichols

Good old-fashioned hard work—with some feathery, Rooster-style flair—will rule the roost in this Chinese horoscope year. The rooster rises with the Sun, so get an earlier start to your days. Create a morning ritual and become mindful with your money. This is not the year to rush ahead without a solid plan. Good habits and regular exercise will also keep us productive during potentially uncertain times. –Astro Style

“Trump was born in year of the dog,” said Chen Shuaifu, a feng shui master and chairman of the Chinese Feng Shui Association, which has 50,000 members. “The Year of the Rooster will be difficult for him. He might be forced to resign if the worst-case scenarios happen.” Chen also said that, as a politician with no experience in public office, Trump should listen to his team and pay attention to “other professional opinions” on policy-making. –NBC News


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