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January 10, 2017

My 2017 Word of The Year


Is this a thing now, like Elf on a Shelf? Because suddenly I’m getting asked at dinner parties and coffee dates to share my word for 2017. I immediately liked this concept because unlike a goal or a resolution that can’t can’t necessarily satisfy whatever hole you’re trying to fill (ie getting the job, losing the weight, making more money), a word encapsulates what you want to feel. And isn’t that what success really looks like, no matter how you get there? It didn’t take long to come up with my word. It’s the thing I’ve been avoiding it my whole life. It’s the reason I love routine and never ski down the double black diamonds. My word for 2017 is BRAVE and I’m wincing just looking at it on the computer screen. Because I don’t feel brave yet and I want to so badly! But here’s the thing: BRAVE is being afraid and doing it anyway. If it were easy, it wouldn’t require bravery. So I’m done watching people do scary and amazing things and thinking that they must be better/smarter/more confident to pull it off. I’m done hesitating when I’m sure of what I want but unsure how to get there or whether it will all work out. I want to be fearless in work, life and in love because, my god, time is flying by and I don’t have a second to waste. That’s what I tell myself almost daily now, when I hesitate about trying something new or making a decision when there is no guarantee. I don’t have time to NOT be brave. I don’t have the luxury of not grabbing life and running with it in whatever direction is authentic to me. I can always change course. Always try something else. But I can’t stand still. That’s how all of this energy we’ve been given to do good in the world gets stuck. That’s how people get sick, depressed, and disconnected. So I will be BRAVE and let my soul lead instead of fears or ego. I will trust that the Universe has my back. And it will be the best year yet, I just know it.

Ready to choose your word? Try this exercise or simply ask yourself out loud or during a meditation and it will come to you in a flash. For those of you feeling brave, I rounded up a little more inspiration: brave-quote2










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