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December 21, 2016

Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer: Pique Tea Crystals


The holiday rush is ON and even though though I’ve been hoarding gifts all year long, there are always a few that slip through the cracks until suddenly it’s THE week. At this point in the game it’s about finding the best gift that will arrive on time. If there’s a winner that works for a number of people of my list, even better. This year, Pique Tea Crystals is saving me. The individual packets of instant tea crystals (think Starbuck’s Via but in tea form) are as delightful to look at as they are to drink. Simply boil some water in the kettle and pour over the crystals. No steeping required! Perfect for on the go, traveling (I always keep tea in my carryon), busy people, anyone who has a desk, and healthy friends who will appreciate the delicate green tea varieties—my personal favorite.


The feel-good story behind Pique Tea is also the stuff of holiday gifts: Founder Simon Cheng suffered from serious respiratory problems growing up. In a quest for inner healing, he traveled the world searching for masters of Qigong meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taichi. During a visit to the tea producing regions of Yunnan, Simon discovered a 1,300 year old tradition called Cha Gao. Lost to all but Himalayan villages and ancient records, Cha Gao was used to extract the powerful medical properties of tea into a dissolvable tea paste. So inspired by the incredible health benefits of Cha Gao, Simon spent years in collaboration with leading tea farmers and tea masters to integrate ancient tradition with modern science and create Pique Tea Crystals. Thankfully, we don’t have to go to the other end of the earth to experience these healing flavor bombs. They’re available at, ready to ship ASAP. Pique also offers gift boxes and tea plans—monthly subscriptions for the connoisseurs in your orb.

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