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December 15, 2016

The Weekly Planner

Danielle Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

It’s hard to believe that Dani has been working with me for six years! She been a contributing writer on Team Beauty Bets since early 2011 and has also been my secret weapon for keeping on top of everything from Twitter trends to iphone photography. Dani is the ying to my yang, the butter to my sprouted-wheat bread, the details to my big ideas. She is organized with a capital O (just look at her Instagram), gracefully juggling a social media business, an Etsy shop, her own blog, and volunteering (PUPPIES!), all while maintaining a life that is equal parts healthy and fun. If I didn’t adore and admire her so much, I’d hate her. Today Dani is letting us in on one of her secrets weapons, including a freebie to help you get started—no New Year’s resolution required.  —Bets 

The Weekly Planner: how an organization pro masters weekly planning + free printable!

Last spring Bets asked if I’d be willing to share a bit about my journey to a healthier life. I thought about it for a long time (okay, like 6 months) and wasn’t sure which approach to take, even though I could have told you my answer in about .2 seconds. About 7 years ago, just before Bets and I started working together, I took control of my health and with the help of a nutritionist I lost nearly 30 pounds. The process was life-changing. I learned about food. I drank more water in a week than I could recall drinking in my entire life. I had energy. I could think clearer. I felt amazing.

I could have written a post about my favorite dinner recipes, my favorite workout, or how I manage to drink 150 ounces of water every. single. day. But the fact is that succeeding at all of those areas comes down to one thing: my Daily Page. It was during the weight-loss process that my first Daily Page was created. I needed a 1-page design that allowed me to not only track my ever-growing list of projects, but also helped me plan meals, track water, set fitness goals, and take care of myself mentally. I put my original design on my blog for free, but got so many requests for a notepad version of it that I soon opened an Etsy shop and went to work. Over the years the design has evolved and changed, and is now available in several variations as well as digital downloads and iPad versions. No matter which page I’m using, one thing is clear: being able to track both my productivity and my overall wellness (spiritual, mental and physical) in one place is my secret to professional and personal success.


The Weekly Planner: how an organization pro masters weekly planning + free printable!

We’re all busy! Taking 5 minutes to organize my day and set goals is my method for bringing peace and organization into my routine. I’ve been filling out a Daily Page for seven years and I rarely miss a day.  If I don’t fill out a page, I feel an instant fog settle over me. I can’t decide what needs to get done and I lose motivation. I get to the end of the day and the entire thing is a blur.

There’s a peaceful sense of clarity that comes over me once my page is filled out. I know exactly what my day needs to look like, the hydration tracker helps me make sure I’m consuming enough water, and having a place to write down my fitness and wellness goals makes me 100x more likely to make sure my body and mind are getting just as much attention as my long list of work projects.

My latest design,  The Weekly Planner, was made for those of us who are juggling it all, 7 days a week. I like to sit down with all 7 pages at the beginning of the week and plan my meals and workouts, then I use the pages to keep my to-dos and projects organized and prioritized. I prefer to fill my page out the night before (it helps me get a full and stress-free night of sleep). At the end of the week, the pages help me feel accomplished, assess where I might have fallen short with self-care, or estimate how many hours I spent on a client project. This design is available as a digital download, which will provide you with 7 pdf files that you can print, or 7 jpg files that you can use digitally on your iPad.

I’m honored that Bets asked me to share my tools with you, and to say thanks I’m giving you access to this Free Blank Calendar Printable that you can use to get the New Year off to a great start! For my other designs and planning pages visit My Etsy Shop. Happy Organizing!

The Weekly Planner: how an organization pro masters weekly planning + free printable!
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