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October 10, 2016

Friends Who Do Cool Things

I stand in wonder daily at the creative, brilliant, brave friends who are doing beautiful things in this world! Putting yourself out there because you believe in something and can’t imagine doing anything else is what makes life so rich. I had to share a few of their heart projects with you, as we head into the week. Your support of these endeavors—whether simply cheering them on virtually or whipping up a healthy smoothie in solidarity—uplifts the entire entrepreneurial community.Minny and Paul Subscription Box

Subscription boxes come and go but Minny & Paul is so much more. For starters, it’s not a subscription but a curated box of the Minnesota-made artisan goods you’d spend days scouring for yourself. Even the handcrafted birch box is made locally. But you don’t have to be a local to give or enjoy one as these ship nationwide.

Minny and Paul Subscription Box

And the things inside aren’t sample-size, so they won’t wind up in the back of anyone’s linen closet… You can choose from several themes but the Pamper Box is pretty much every girl’s dream: an Illume Coconut Milk Mango candle, Martha McQuade hand-dyed cotton scarf in a pretty pale blush, Nell’s Remedies Sea Salt Scrub and Love Heals Grounding Spray (it really works!), Maddie Kozlowski OR Hello I’m Kate watercolor custom watercolor and Annie B’s original caramels (the best).  photos // 2nd Truth

Namakan FurEven though I am clinging to my white jeans like a life raft, winter is coming. Instead of fighting it, the ladies at Namakan Fur say embrace! All you need is a ruff to keep you warm. A who? A ruff! It’s that extra cozy fur around your pup’s neck. It’s also faux fur trim that attaches to the hood or collar of most puffers and parkas in your closet, giving them an shot of stylish warmth.

Namakan Fur

Whether you live in the tundra or spend your mornings at the bus stop OR are just now realizing that these ruffs come pink (!!), now’s the time to get in on Namakan’s Kickstarter so that so you can have one for yourself. The video is hysterical.




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