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October 5, 2016

The Best Makeup Brush Sets from Amazon

The Best Makeup Brushes on Amazon | Beauty Bets

Makeup brushes are one of those products that vary so drastically in price. You can easily drop $50-80 on one high-quality professional brush, but you can also find something similar for a few bucks. So what’s the deal? Are the more expensive versions worth the splurge, or can the average make-up queen get by with a value set? I don’t know about you, but I love crowd-sourcing beauty advice from Amazon, where the masses literally share thousands of reviews for products they love. So, what magic can Amazon produce when it comes to high-quality, low-cost makeup brush sets? Here are four that are worth your consideration.

The Best Makeup Brushes on Amazon | Beauty Bets
BS-MALL 10-piece Makeup Brush Set
($9.66) – 
With 4.5 stars and nearly 6,000 customer reviews, this set lives up to the expectations you have for the average makeup brush. If you apply foundation on the daily, you’ll love the assortment of face brushes offered in this set. I love using the tapered brush for getting my mineral foundation under eyes and around my nose.


The Best Makeup Brushes on Amazon | Beauty Bets

Emax Design 12-piece Makeup Brush Set ($9.34) – The variety! Love that this set includes a couple short kabuki brushes along with a double-sided lash and brow brush. And how about the fact that the handles on this set are crafted from bamboo rather than plastic? Lovely.The Best Makeup Brushes on Amazon | Beauty BetsEMaxDesgin 20-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($6.99) – Do you love liquid foundation or just in need of an excessive amount of eyeshadow brushes? This set might be up your alley. While it lacks any of the big, fluffy face brushes, it does have a couple flat brushes that are great for expertly applying moisturizer, primer, BB cream and foundation.

The Best Makeup Brushes on Amazon | Beauty BetsEmaxDesign 8 Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set ($14.99) – Oval makeup brushes with a toothbrush style handle seem to be all the rage. Professional sets can be priced quite highly, so I love exploring this innovative design with a set that is priced so reasonably. The idea of blending in my favorite tinted moisturizer with one of these babies makes me all kinds of happy.

Had any earth-shattering beauty discoveries on Amazon? We’re all ears!

Beauty Steals! Four of the highest-rated makeup brush sets avaialable on Amazon.
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