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September 19, 2016

Why Divine Timing is Everything

Why Diving Timing is Everything | Beauty Bets

This photo was taken over five years ago (thank god eyebrows grow back). I was hustling big time after leaving my job as a magazine editor, trying to get this blog to a place where I could justify the decision to go out on my own. Rue Magazine had asked me to give readers a tour of my favorite Minneapolis spots, and Team Woodnote had shown up to shoot it. I had no idea back then that those photographers would become dear friends, that Beauty Bets would become a place where I could not only write about red lipstick but real life (and people would show up to read it), or that I’d get to collaborate with dream brands like One Love Organics. I didn’t know that I would become certified in Reiki, ride a camel across the desert, or fall madly in love. I didn’t know where I was going or how I was going to get there and yet here I was, in a coffee shop, full of joy and anticipation. This photo isn’t fake. I really felt it then, that good things were going to happen and that the Universe had my back.

Why Diving Timing is Everything | Beauty Bets

Fast forward to today, and I’ve admittedly lost some of my wide-eyed wonder. Despite receiving so many gifts from the Universe, I had stopped trusting in it. Call it cynicism or call it realism, but I know too much: Life is hard, adulting is harder, and even the best intentions don’t always get you what you want. Or, when you do get there, there’s just another mountain to climb. For whatever reason—and I know a lot of you have been feeling the same way—this year has felt like a series of setbacks and disappointments, missed connections and opportunities.

Or so I thought.

What if those setbacks were the Universe stepping in to say slow down, there’s work to do first. What if it knew that I needed to rest, to nurture my relationships and build a new home, to learn how to meditate and love myself more before I started something new? What if life was rigged in my favor all along and all I needed to do was trust in its divine timing? I shudder to think about who or where I would be right now if I had gotten everything I wanted when I wanted it—because I wasn’t ready. The more I talk to friends and readers who’ve been on similar journeys, the more I can see that the best things in life can’t be forced, but allowed to unfold. Our job is to trust, and to show up when the time comes.

Good Things are Going to Happen
Have you had an experience where timing was everything? Did you learn how to trust the process more as a result? These are magical stories! The more we share them, the easier it is to see that life is here to support us if we simply stop holding on to our expectations and “plans” so tightly.

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