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September 15, 2016

Dreaming of the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Travel Guide | Beauty Bets

We spent the holiday weekend in Portland, the Hood River Valley and along the Oregon coast for what was one of the most memorable trips of my life. No matter how many beaches you’ve seen, nothing is quite like the mountains meeting the ocean. I had no idea how breathtaking it would be—or how relaxing.

Oregon Coast Travel Guide - Hayneedle Cannon Beach | Beauty Bets

Oregon is so rugged and laid back, it had me rethinking city life altogether. And, as much as I love Seattle, this scene was surprisingly more my jam—especially Cannon Beach where we got to pay homage to Goonies and see Haystack Rock up-close. (I’m obviously happiest when reliving my 80s childhood with this guy…) It’s insane you guys! You MUST make the pilgrimage to this place at least once in your life. We can’t wait to go back and stay longer.

The trip and the change of seasons has me day dream1ing about incorporating more of that cozy Pacific Northwest vibe into my life. Not very hard to do here in flannel country, but here’s what else is on my wish list . . .

Pierrepont Hicks' Dunoon Parka

One can never have too many parkas. Or army green anything. Pierrepont Hicks’ Dunoon Parka keeps is preppy with my favorite stripes and a shot of pink.

Savage Backpack

Never thought I would be writing about backpacks, let alone wanting one for myself, but this leather/canvas combo from Savage Supply Co. makes me want to hit the road. And then there’s this: 

Scout mob day bag

I mean, where is she going looking so woodsy-meets-nautical chic because I want to go, too. Loving the simple styling and roominess of this Scout Mob number. 

Pendleton throw

Pendleton was everywhere out West, making me want a classic rainbow striped Glacier Park Throw now more than ever.

Enamelware mugs

We sipped Tang and hot cocoa from enamelware mugs like this, on camping trips growing up, but I know they handle coffee (and whiskey) just as well. 

BBQ Oysters

It wouldn’t be the Pac Northwest without seafood for days. Ty and I feasted on charcoal grilled oysters at The Waiting Room in Portland and now I’m dying to make them at home—maybe using this intriguing barbecue rendition from Williams-Sonoma

Hunter wellies

I need another pair of Hunter wellies like a tube of lipstick, but aren’t they amaze in gray (graphite gloss to be exact)?! So moody and subtle and they’d go with everything. Right?! 

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