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September 2, 2016

Have a Happy Holiday Weekend

Adorable VRBO on Lake Fremont | Beauty Bets

Last weekend we stayed in the most DARLING cabin just an hour’s drive from Minneapolis. It was utterly magical to be able to get out of town with little more than a cooler and a backpack. One Spotify playlist later and we were there, on beautiful Lake Fremont with a dock and fire pit and everything. It will be so cozy here come fall. (VRBO)

Jeni's Ice Creams | Beauty BetsWith the exception of a soft serve twist cone from McDonald’s (a rare sighting in these parts), I could take or leave ice cream. I know the virtual stink eyes you’re sending out right now, like when someone says they don’t like chocolate (which I could also live without!). Then Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream came along and suddenly I’m doing things like spending TEN DOLLARS on a pint of ice cream and eating ice cream in bed and coming up with excuses to try new flavors (lemon buttermilk? why yes, we need that for the entire PIE I just purchased . . .).  Jeni’s has been written about as the greatest ice cream on Earth for more than a decade, and yet our little household only recently discovered her at Whole Foods. It might have been the handwritten pints and foodie flavors that first hooked us, but it’s what’s inside that keeps us screaming for more—and buying two pints at a time so we don’t have to share.


Well I’ll be. Doggy Dry Shampoo. I can’t personally live without the stuff, so why should our furry best friends? Thyme Is Honey whips up an essential oil infused batch on the regular to keep her pups fresh and extra fluffy.

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