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August 12, 2016

Still All About The Espadrilles

Yep, it’s mid-August and I may be the last person still pining for the perfect sandal. I do this. Find the best pair ever at the end of the season and cross my fingers that it’s still love when I pull them out of the box next year. I was slow to warm to the espadrille trend but too many cute Pinterest pics later and now I’m determined to slip my feet into something a bit bohemian but chic, polished yet casual, versatile yet comfortable—because isn’t that point of espadrilles? Let’s vote:

Espadrilles | Beauty Bets

The photo that started it all, because I’m a glutton for stripes. (Soludos)

Espadrilles | Beauty Bets

I normally reserve black shoes for fall/winter but these are killer, no? (Prosecco and Plaid)

Espadrilles | Beauty Bets

Another black option, with less of a heel. Alas, these may turn my size 10 feet into flippers. (Collage Vintage)

Espadrilles | Beauty Bets

Digging the color blocking, or is it that they’re Chanel? I can’t decide. (Who What Wear).  Here’s a more reasonably priced option from Tory Burch, who calls espadrilles the official shoe of summer:

Tory Burch Espadrilles

Burberry Espadrilles

Damn you, Burberry. Do plaid espadrilles qualify as a “fall wardrobe staple”?

Espadrilles | Beauty Bets
And the J.Crew pair that I will most likely end up buying even if I only have two more weeks to wear them. Grace makes even basics look fab, especially when she’s in France. (The Stripe)

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