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July 27, 2016

We Tried It: Natural Skincare on a $15 Budget

We Tried It: Natural Skincare on a $15 Budget - Advanced Clinicals | Beauty Bets

While we try out new brands at Beauty Bets like it’s our job (it kind of is, after all), we’re always looking for products that work like a charm and are as plant-based as possible. It’s rare that they meet our criteria without being an investment (good ingredients and thoughtful formulations cost money!), so when Maya mentioned doing a post about Advanced Clinicals products, I was skeptical. With each product under $20, it seemed unlikely that they’d deliver blog-worthy results. After trying out a handful of products for a few weeks, however, I am pleasantly surprised to report that the combination of natural ingredients like argan oil, jojoba, coconut oil and powerhouses like retinol and AHA acid really worked—meaning, we saw a change to our skin. In particular these two did not disappoint.

We Tried It: Natural Skincare on a $15 Budget - Advanced Clinicals | Beauty Bets

I obviously live and die by serums and oils, and have tested thousands of dollars worth of them. Advanced Clinicals Coconut Visable Repair Oil ($15) not only smells like a tropical holiday, but kept my skin hydrated and dewy without the weight of a heavy moisturizer—ideal for humid days. Try it under your SPF or mixed with your foundation for a laid-back, “I woke up like this” summer glow.

We Tried It: Natural Skincare on a $15 Budget - Advanced Clinicals | Beauty Bets

Packed with antioxidants, firming and easily absorbed, argan oil has always been on our skincare ingredients short list (everyone has one of those, right?). At just $15, Advanced Clinicals Argan Oil Intensive Beauty Cream delivered all the benefits in a luxurious, hydrating cream AND comes in a 16 oz. spa size so you can slather it on your neck and décolleté with abandon.

Have any other affordable skincare lines you can’t live without? We’d love to add a few more to the arsenal.


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