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July 15, 2016

Decorating With Coco Carpets

Not only am I on the hunt for a kitchen runner but we also have the beige-est of beige master bathrooms to breathe some life into. Turns out, if it’s not white or wallpapered, I’m completely clueless. Thank goodness for my girl Caroline of Coco Carpets, who offered to source something fabulous. Her latest vintage Moroccan berber designs are TO DIE. These carpets fly out of Coco’s online shop + new LA studio so if you love one, don’t leave it to chance! I can’t wait to see what Caroline comes up with for our condo (aka the Brotel).

Decorating with Coco Carpets | Beauty Bets

Flock of Seagulls (3’11 x 5’6″)

Decorating with Coco Carpets | Beauty Bets

Jimi Does Dallas (7’10” x 4’5″)

Decorating with Coco Carpets | Beauty Bets

Lamda Lamda Lamda (6’2″ x 4’3″)

Decorating with Coco Carpets | Beauty Bets

Southwest Soiree (7’8″ x 4’5″)

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