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June 30, 2016

Three Things: Independence Day Edition

Three Things Independence Day Edition - Bahn Mi Hot Dogs via Molly Yeh | Beauty Bets

Why slave away on red, white and blue deserts when you could have a banh mi hot dog (or two) instead? Molly Yeh knocks it out of the park, per usual.

Three Things Independence Day Edition - Modern Fourth of July Mani | Beauty Bets

A step-by-step of JINsoon’s Modern 4th of July mani. I’d totes wear this on a yacht.

Step 1: Apply JINsoon Power Coat. Step 2: Apply 2 coats of your favorite white nail polish. Step 3: On the ring finger, fill in half of your nail (closest to the cuticle) with JINsoon x Barneys exclusive Ardor. Step 4: Repeat step 3 with JINSoon Cool Blue on the index finger. Step 5: Using a striping brush draw and fill in a rectangle with JINsoonCool Blue on the middle finger. Step 6 and 7: Paint the number 4 in the white space on the ring finger using Cool Blue. Paint the number 7 in the white space on the index finger using Ardor. Step 8: Using a striping brush, draw a thin line using JINsoon Ardor on the middle finger. Step 9: Complete your look with JINsoon Top Gloss top coat.

Three Things Independence Day Edition - Prescribe Nutrition x The Her Initiative | Beauty Bets

Water. We need it. We have it. And yet so often we forget to even drink it. Meanwhile, other women just like us are going without. Which is why the food + wellness coaches at Prescribe Nutrition have teamed up with The Her Initiative for the next round of Prescribe 20 (kicking off July 10!). When you sign up for this 20 day life-changing nutrition program, Prescribe will donate $10 to The Her Initiative—enough to provide 10 months of clean water for one person. Use promo code “giveback” when you sign up and get ready to feel better.

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