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June 16, 2016

11 SPF Sticks to Try This Summer

11 Sunscreen Sticks to Try This Summer

No, they aren’t new-new, but sunscreen sticks seem to have multiplied this season. And, after a week at the beach, I finally grasped their genius. Made for face, ears, lips and little ones, they’re compact but powerful little numbers. I aways thought: Why would I use one of these when a tube of sunblock will do just fine (and probably last longer), but when it comes to 30+ SPF, waterproof formulas that don’t feel like paste on your skin, and the convenience factor, the stick wins every time. I’m partial to mineral blocks (zinc and titanium dioxide) because of the potential implications of chemical sunscreen, but these are all worth checking out to see what works best for you + yours—from kid-friendly to sensitive skin to that orange tube that want for no other reason than the fact that it’s orange!

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  • Elizabeth Dehn
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