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May 13, 2016

Three Things

Three Things - Pulmina Plaid Skirt - Beauty Bets

Oh no no no. I need more gingham in my life like I need more stripes. But sweet jesus this skirt is spectacular. And the flared midi cut so unexpected. Whether it’s flattering remains to be seen, and I would probably wear it with pearls or chambray, not a boyish top, but I have my eye on you, Club Monaco Plumina Plaid Skirt!

Three Things - Tastemakers - Beauty Bets

The way we define beauty is changing, and for the better! Join me this Sunday from 11-1pm at Mall of America for brunch + conversation about body image, self-care, and embracing who we are, not who we think we should be. There’ll be mimosas! And some kick-ass panelists including reality TV darling Courtney Kerr and award-winning makeup artist Julie Swenson, who taught me everything I know. My friend + fellow editor Allison Kaplan will be moderating so expect real talk. Tickets here! 

Three Things - How to Ripen an Avocado - Beauty Bets

My biggest grocery-store gripe: hard-as-a-rock avocados. Especially when the sign says they’re RIPE! What’s a girl to do when she needs guac now, or avocado toast for breakfast? Stick your avocado in the oven. No, really. I tested these simple directions from Pure Wow last week and they worked! Next up: bananas.

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