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May 6, 2016

Three Things

One of my goals this spring is to de-clutter—my daily routine, my home, and this blog. While there’s no shortage of beauty topics we could cover here at Beauty Bets, I’m committed to writing about the ones that get me out of bed in the morning (colonics YES, hair-braiding tutorials NO). Along with getting more focused with the content itself, I’m hoping committed to sticking to more of a posting schedule. Oh god, just typing those words makes my heart skip a beat. Fridays will be reserved for a weekly edit of the things that I would be talking about with friends over bubbly, even if I didn’t have a blog. They might be beauty, but food, fashion, travel and decor will also make regular appearances. Why three things? Because I get overwhelmed with all of the needs + wants we are constantly bombarded with on the Internet so I imagine you do, too. Here’s to less is more! Happy Friday. 

Three Things with Beauty Bets - Sonnet James dresses

1. You don’t have to be a mom to appreciate Sonnet James, the new line of modern, durable, machine-washable dresses designed for work + play. I love the classic styling with a twist, easy throw-on quality, and the prices point—my goodness. I’ll be stocking up to wear now and well into fall!

Three Things with Beauty Bets - Travel Guide to New Orleans

2. New Orleans has been on my bucket list for an embarrassing duration. Leave it to an Axel Rose appearance in July to light a fire. With all of the summer vacas already on the books, we’ll be needing this handy dandy guide from Yes and Yes (also yes: oyster po’boys).

Three Things with Beauty Bets - Cacao Smoothie

3. Ah cacao nibs, I haven’t seen you since my hippie childhood days at the co-op. Leave it to Sassy Kitchen to resurrect them for her Banana, Coconut & Cacao smoothies. No shade for the green stuff, but frankly I’m ready for breakfast to taste like dessert again—at least once in a while.

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