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April 7, 2016

Are You Using The Cleansing Sponge?

How to Pick the Perfect Cleansing Sponge | Beauty Bets

It’s true what they say (or at least what I say): Once you try The Cleansing Sponge, you’ll never look back. You won’t even glance, friends. If a konjac sponge is new territory for you, allow me to explain how these tiny wonders work. The Cleansing Sponge from One Love Organics ($10) is made of 100% pure konjac plant fiber. These fibers are prized for their ability to detoxify pores and smooth skin while gently buffing away dirt and makeup. The sponge has a hard texture when dry, but instantly softens when you add water. The squishy fun texture is something you have to experience for yourself! Konjac sponges do incredible things to your skin and have even been known to help dissipate blackheads and treat skin ailments such as rosacea. Pairing them up with an oil cleanser (I love Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, obvs) is the ultimate nighttime routine. One Love Organics offers three varieties of cleansing sponges, and the difference is more than just the color. Each one has different benefits, designed for a specific skin type:

Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Sponge This one is infused with bamboo charcoal, making it perfect for oily, combination and problematic skin.

Original Cleansing Sponge This sponge contains only the konjac plant fiber. It’s great for all skin types and is a safe bet if you’re new to the concept.

Rose Clay Cleansing Sponge This beauty is infused with kaolin-illitee (aka pink clay) which works miracles on rosacea, sensitive, mature and dry skin (Mother’s Day gift alert!)

How to Pick the Perfect Cleansing Sponge | Beauty Bets

What else can I tell you about these miracle workers, other than that they work in wondrous and adorable ways? Have you tried one yet?

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