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February 16, 2016

Products We’re Loving: Kara

In my Bag with Kara Nesvig | Beauty Bets

She our girl-about-town and owns more lipsticks than anyone we know, but Kara Nesvig’s picks are surprisingly down to earth (hello, toothbrush subscription). My only question: Will we see Hillary Clinton swapping out her scrunchie for one of these hair ties? 

(l to r) 1. BOKA toothbrush kit ($14.50) – Anyone who regularly stays over at my house knows the first thing I do in the morning is leap out of bed and brush my teeth. I received one of these super-chic little toothbrush kits a month or so ago and I am hooked. I love the charcoal bristles of the toothbrush and the minty, not-fakey taste of the toothpaste. BOKA is like an oral care Birchbox, and the best part is that they donate a kit to someone in need for each subscription you purchase. Wins all around. 2. Invisibobble Hair Ties ($9) – I have a LOT of hair. It’s thick and curly and crazy, and I have been known to snap a thick ponytail holder after one wear. The creator of Invisibobbles came up with her genius product when she wrapped her hair up in an old phone cord and woke up with no dents, no headache and no split ends. Invisibobbles hold my massive mane all day, no sweat. 3. Le Labo Ylang 49 Perfume ($160) – I can’t exactly describe why I love Ylang 49 so much; at first, I kinda hated it. However, I couldn’t stop spritzing my little sample and discovering how the fragrance grew and developed throughout the day. I eventually bought a full bottle at their NYC store, where they hand-bottle your fragrance just for you, and I’m addicted. It’s sexy, it’s dramatic, it’s a little old-school, a little dirty and a little modern. It’s not for the faint of heart, which helloooooo, have you met me?

This is just one in a series of illustrated products the Beauty Bets team is currently loving. Enjoy the rest right here

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