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January 24, 2016

In Praise of Rest

In Praise of Rest | Beauty Bets

Rest is one of those underrated gifts that only we can give ourselves. In this noisy, fast-paced, media-driven world it’s so easy to believe that more is more. More work, more fun, more time spent on everything but closing our eyes and quieting our minds. I learned the value of a good nap in college, when taking one was more of an act of recovery than a proactive replenishment of body and spirit. My older and, dare I say, wiser self is more tuned in to the non-negotiable need for sleep. When I’m feeling anxious or run down, a catnap or a good night’s sleep is often all it takes to restore balance. That’s one reason why my bedroom is such a precious sanctuary. It’s where I lay my head to rest, where I can luxuriate with a good book, and where Molly and I get in our most quality cuddling. I recently refreshed my nest and thought it the perfect time to share my love for sleep and another underrated essential: good bedding. I like white duvet covers with a twist, and crisp, cool cotton against my skin, so fell in love with the Linden Black Border duvet + shams from Crane & Canopy. They use 400 thread count, which is actually the sweet spot for feel and durability. Also, everything is machine washable, has corner ties, handy covered zippers and priced just right—especially considering the quality.

In Praise of Rest | Beauty Bets

As you can see, Molly also approves. She’s even put in a request for one of Crane & Canopy’s new quilts for the guest bedroom . . . like mother, like daughter! If you need more inspiration for your own bed, take a gander through these cozy rooms. Sweet dreams!

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