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January 12, 2016

14 Korean Beauty Products We’re Dying to Try

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the growing buzz about Korean beauty. While I loved the idea of dipping into such an exotic category the idea was also totally intimidating—until I discovered Peach & Lily. This newish online mecca with a super sweet name carries every cult-favorite Korean skin + makeup product your favorite beauty bloggers have been raving about. Here are a few best-sellers that I’m dying to try:

1. Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel ($18): A fruity gel peel beloved for dissolving dirt and dead skin while leaving skin super soft. //2. Intensive Skin Barrier Cream ($23): While I’d never heard of “skin barrier” cream before, it’s known in Korea as the best way to lock in hydration and help keep skin looking younger and firmer, which sounds pretty good about now (brrrrr!). //3. Mela Defense White Capsule Essence ($34): A brightening essence that helps with hyperpigmentation, this multi-tasking serum offers some serious bang for your buck. // 4. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ($25): On those cold winter days when lip balm just isn’t enough, this ingenious lip mask moisturizes while creating a protective film that lasts all night. // 5. May Coop Mini Raw Sauce ($14): Sauce for your skin? Why not when this gentle toner is made with 93% maple tree sap which gives your skin a natural, luminous glow. // 6. Peri’s Tint Water ($12): One of my all-time favorite lip tints, this Korean classic is even more amazing than it’s American counter-part (Benefit’s Benetint). Trust me and just give it a go! // 7. Aromatica Organic Coconut Balm ($10): My skincare motto is “all coconut oil everything,” so lip balm is high on my list of products to try stat. // 8. Correct Jelly Shadow ($17): The perfect shadow with a luminous, jelly-like texture that miraculously are known to be durable and long lasting. //9. Caolion Blackhead Bubble Pore Pack ($26): A Korean best-seller, this activated charcoal mask sucks out blackheads and trapped dirt. Like Biore, only better? //10. Mizon Night Repair Seruming Ampoule ($38): If you’re not already a fan of overnight serum, this powerful elixir will make you a believer. Revitalizes skin overnight, giving it some much-needed hydration and radiance. //11. Aromatica Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo ($27): Made for oily hair, this version has natural tea tree astringent to nourish your scalp while maintaining hair’s moisture balance. //12. Kill Brown Eyeliner ($22): This beautiful brown eyeliner is a favorite among makeup artists and beauty editors alike for its staying power—something we can all appreciate in an eyeliner! // 13. Cremorlab Herb Team Blemish Calming Mask ($6): Korean beauty lovers swear by these pre-soaked, single sheet masks to quickly calm and banish blemishes. //14. Miracle Seed Essence ($57): Laced with exotic lotus seed extract, this essence is chock full of moisturizing amino and linoleic acids to nourish your skin all day long.

Have any other Korean beauty products you swear by? Team BB would love to give them a try!

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