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November 9, 2015


Trip to India

Today I leave for India. I will take four flights to reach my final destination of Jaipur, where I’ll meet up with a group of fellow Photo Field Trippers led by my dear friends Caroline + Jayden Lee. It’s not a trip I’ve dreamt of, but one I felt called to take. A far cry from the spas of Italy and the familiarity of London flats, India will test my need for control and push me past my comforts, both physically and mentally.

It already has.

Beauty Bets Trip to India

I booked this trip on a whim, in a moment of recognition that despite the risks I take in business and the vulnerability I strive for in my personal life, I remain blissfully swathed in a blanket of abundance. From the time I started shopping for Birkenstocks and culturally appropriate attire (how many things do you own that cover your butt AND arms and can also withstand 90 degree heat?) I knew I needed to do this.

Beauty Bets Trip to India

For 10 days I’ll be without a laptop, without salad, without any clue of what the next moment holds. I have no idea what I will see or smell or want to turn away from. But what scares me the most is how India will change me. What if I can never look at another child without remembering the maimed ones on the other side of world? What if a tube of lipstick becomes a daily reminder of the frivolity of my life, a metaphor for the minor details that I’ve come to hold too dear?

Beauty Bets Trip to India

As I type this I am filled with gratitude that I get to discover what I’ve been missing or simply not paying attention to. I get to fill in the blanks that my soul has been safekeeping for something bigger than myself and the bubble in which I’ve become too comfortably accustomed. I hope you will share in this journey with me, in spirit and on Instagram, so that when I return we can pick up where we left off it but a little bit wiser for the time we have together on this big, beautiful planet.

photos // Woodnote Photography

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