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November 2, 2015

Let Go of The Oars

Let go of the Oars

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Whether as part of my day or part of my daily (ha) meditation, I’ve never found a mantra that really sticks. Repeating a phrase over and over again (love and light, love and light!) with the notion that, eventually, it will become a living, breathing practice, doesn’t calm my mind like good old-fashioned stillness. If I can watch those little thoughts creep in then wave them on by, then it’s been a productive practice. There is one phrase, however, that has stuck with me for years: Let go of the oars. It’s taken from a quote by spiritual guide and author Esther Hicks and it goes something like this: Everything that we want is downstream, not upstream like we assume. In Western culture in particular, we are programmed to paddle harder and faster when the going gets though or life isn’t living up to our expectations. We think if we try harder, we will figure it out and finally get what we want. But life isn’t meant to be hard or a struggle. Our natural state is one of ease and abundance. To get to that place, we simply have to let go of the oars. In doing so, the boat (our life) will turn itself around the current will carry you downstream. It’s another way of saying surrender, but the visual really resonates with me. My therapist recently suggested I repeat it out loud daily for just three minutes and I have to say, it’s starting to sink in. At the very least, when I find myself panicking about not having a crystal ball for my life (my god, I AM a control freak), the image comes to me and I can’t help but let go and breathe through it.

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