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October 26, 2015

Wait. Is This What Mindfulness Feels Like?

What Will You Do with your One Wild and Precious Life? - Mary Oliver | Mindfulness by Beauty Bets

{hand lettering: Ashley Mary Barlow}

I had a big weekend. Scratch that. I’m having a big fall. Not in a fancy, dramatic sense of the word but in a deep down, eyes-wide-open way. Life suddenly feels so real and raw, fast and fleeting. Normally I experience such heightened emotions after a tragedy or when I’m super exhausted but this is different. Nothing in particular brought it on and, what’s crazier, I can’t seem to shake it despite a stressful full plate and plenty of ambiguity about where my life is headed. Maybe I’m just waking up after going through the motions, or maybe I’m finally grasping the gifts I’ve been given. I keep reading that mindfulness is the buzzword of 2015:

When you more closely tune into the details of your life, you enjoy things so much more. Mindfulness isn’t just about knowing that you’re hearing something, seeing something, or even observing that you’re having a particular feeling. It’s about doing so in a certain way — with balance and equanimity, and without judgment. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in a way that creates space for insight.

Is my newfound inner peace what the metaphysical pundits are referring to? Is it possible that all of the meditationself-help and staying present is starting to pay off and I’m actually . . . happy? Anxiety has always been my default so I’m a bit unnerved by this positive development (go figure), but the teeny, tiny delusional optimist in me is a feisty one and she’s getting louder. Let’s see where this goes.

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