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October 12, 2015

My Mom Knows Best

anniedillard{image // Thyme is Honey}

Ahhhhh, friends. I just spent an idyllic fall weekend in Narragansett, Rhode Island, for a wedding. In addition to stuffing my face with seafood, champagne and slabs of white cake with GOOD white frosting, I enjoyed some really beautiful conversations with family. My extended clan is a big, wild, whole-hearted bunch who knows how to celebrate and dances like crazy people to the very end. We treat weddings and funerals like family reunions, in the best way possible. I know this and love it, but after losing an entire week to illness, part of me wanted to stay home and just play catch up. I’m so glad I didn’t, of course, even though some work anxiety kept me tossing and turning at the hotel, motel Holiday Inn, but my mom also said something that stirred me from my stressy state. It’s an old Annie Dillard quote but a gem worth repeating. Or tattooing. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Yeah . . . let that one sink in. Like me, you may realize how much time you waste worrying about the future and thinking if I just had X, or when I finally become Y, everything will fall into place and my life will finally be perfect. It’s a sentiment not unlike this recent revelation but I appreciate how quickly it restored my focus on the present. All we have is right now: How will you spend it?

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