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October 6, 2015

Slow Down, Sister

Slow down, sister! Let yourself rest! {image: Design Love Fest}

I don’t know if it’s the German in me, the Minnesotan, or the American, but I pride myself on not getting sick. I wear my health and ability to do it all like a badge of honor. Sleep? Who needs it! Flying across the country for a concert, pulling all-nighters for a big project, dancing and drinking into the wee hours of school night? Duh! That’s living. Or, at least, that’s what I tell myself until the day I hit a wall. Usually I get warning signs—exhaustion, anxiety, irritability—that are quickly remedied with a good night’s sleep and Thai soup—but this one snuck up on me without warning and left me absolutely worthless. For the past few days I’ve been bed-ridden with a ear-sinus-upper respiratory infection. Who needs the common cold when you can have this sweet combo. I’ve hardly been able to string a coherent sentence together, let alone work. Naturally, I’m on several major deadlines and am headed out of town this weekend for a wedding. The timing couldn’t be worse, but really, when could it be better? I find myself annoyed that this is happening TO ME, when in many ways I brought it on myself. Louise Hay, the famous author of Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life (you so need this app), says that colds are caused by “Too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder.” Okay . . . homegirl has a point. Another friend interviewed a spiritual healer who said that getting sick is our body’s way of getting rid of what no longer serves us, like a self-induced detox. I’ve experienced flu-like symptoms before, following Reiki and hypnotherapy, so this also resonates. Finally, my therapist who also happens to be a Shaman, recently warned me that if I didn’t slow down I would get sick. That life is meant to be lived with ease, not a constant struggle. Ding ding ding! Really?! Back to the American way: Here I thought that life was supposed to be HARD. Doesn’t that mean you’re doing something right? Isn’t stress and busy-ness a sign of productivity and success? As much as I enjoy my work hard/play hard lifestyle (going strong since 1977!), I tend to place more value on the work part. But what if these folks are right, less really can mean more? What if in the striving for something that doesn’t exist we make ourselves sick? Maybe it’s the drugs talking but it might be time for me to cut some shit out instead of get more shit done. Ask me again next week.

  • Elizabeth Dehn
    Born and raised in Minnesota by surprisingly low-maintenance parents, beauty writer and lifestyle editor Elizabeth Dehn (aka Bets) spent her awkward years buying Mood lipstick and whipping up DIY face masks before founding Beauty Bets in 2009.
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