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September 15, 2015

The Love List // September

The Love List September | Beauty Bets

It’s mid-month already and I am completely kicking myself for lamenting the passing of summer instead of soaking up fall! It seems like just yesterday that I was in Chicago for A Night For Green Beauty. This celebration has evolved so much in the past three years, just like the indie beauty industry. My head was spinning with all of the new and growing brands—and their incredible products. So I thought we’d give you a few new discoveries for your fall shopping list . . . sorry, I know it’s all very tempting!

1. Kahina Giving Beauty Goat Milk & Honey Soap ($18) combines what I love best about bar soaps: a creamy, argan oil laced lather in beautiful Moroccan-inspired paper. // 2. W3LL People Hypnotist Eyepencil ($18) is the only all-natural pencil that could stand up to my Bobbi Brown—because it was created by a professional makeup artist. The brown is rich and chocolatey, just as it should be. // 3. Captain Blakenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray ($24) has a sort of magical, mystical quality thanks to that adorable New England hippie packaging, but it also gives locks a softly tousled look. // 4. True Nature Botanicals Shampoo + Conditioner ($62) is One Love Organic founder Suzanne LeRoux’s current hair obsession (they’re surfactant-free). And you know she doesn’t mess around. // 5. Aster & Bay Rosewater Mist No. 3 ($9) wins for its old-fashioned scent, healing epsom salt and the adorable couple behind this promising beach-meets-apothecary brand. // 6. Florescent Perfume in Pretty Bird ($79) took our breath away, quite literally, with its tiny lineup of unexpected, complex scents. Pretty Bird, a warm and sexy number, was the runaway favorite. // 7. Cocovit ($25) continues the coconut oil conversation with the purest and most potent version we’ve experienced: 100% organic and raw, unlike so many processed products that instantly lose their efficacy. Use it from head to toe—we do! // 8. Kari Gran Lip Whip ($15) isn’t new but remains the best-ever lip balm, I swear. Sephora agrees and recently picked up this Seattle-based darling. Try the pale pink tinted in cinnamon and you won’t be able to stop applying. // 9. Osmia Organics Rosemary Body Mousse ($42) reminds me of a shea butter I collaborate on once upon a time, a healing, cushiony, deeply moisturizing miracle worker that I still get emails about. Guess what: This is better. The only thing missing is a version for face (are you listening, ladies of Osmia? You did good).


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