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September 9, 2015

Gross But Good: Baby Foot Peel

You know those blogs about the weird things people do in private but no one likes to talk about? Consider yourself warned! A friend recently told me about Baby Foot, a product that is available on Amazon ($19.49). As pals who formerly worked together in the beauty industry, we often dish on our latest discoveries, and I could tell she was pretty excited about this. Her results were way more intense than mine, but luckily for you (depending on how you look at it), she gave me permission to share the photos below. Just, like, make sure you aren’t snacking on potato chips before you scroll down.  Baby Foot: a 60-minute at home treatment that removes all the dead skin and callouses off your feet!

Still with me? After seeing her photos I decided to try it for myself (results below). My heels are always dry at the end of a long winter and I was interested to see if Baby Foot could remove that unsightly layer of “weathered” skin from the bottoms of my feet and backs of my heels. The process is pretty crazy. The box arrives with two booties that you stick your feet into, and then sit in for an hour while watching your favorite show and sipping rose (pretty sure that’s what the directions said…err). When you remove the booties it looks like nothing happened. And it stays that way for several days. Just when you start to suspect that you did the whole thing wrong or completely wasted your money, you will suddenly have molting feet. And when I say molting I really mean it. You will shed dead skin and callouses that you didn’t even know you had. Something that even the very best salon pedicure cannot accomplish. It’s absolutely disgusting. But so worth it. So worth it.

Baby Foot: a 60-minute at home treatment that removes all the dead skin and callouses off your feet!

You have to try it for yourself to really understand what the “after” is like, but I believe my friend said it best when she described her feet as “…covered in new skin, like the skin that forms beneath a blister.” They’re practically reborn. Like a baby. Get it?  Get Baby Foot on Amazon.

Pro Tip: plan ahead so that the 3-5 day molting process isn’t during your friend’s wedding or a romantic escape. You’ll wanna keep those babies covered (trust me). Also, Amazon reviewers suggest soaking your feet for 5-10 minutes every day leading up to the peeling process. I decided to try this, so I’d just plug the tub when I was showering to allow my feet to soak.

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